How to write off the car?

Vitaly Syroezhkin
Vitaly Syroezhkin
January 21, 2013
How to write off the car?

Each motorist may have a problem with the question of how to write off the car? The desire to get rid of the old car may arise for various reasons. This may be the need, excessive wear, the desire to buy a new car, an accident and much more. Unused vehicle will only occupy free space in the garage or in the parking lot, so it is desirable to get rid of it. Disposal is necessary in case of sale of a car by proxy and subsequent loss of the driver and the car.

If a car that still drives and is in working condition can be sold, then the old “wreck” in an inoperable condition is unlikely for someone to sell even for a penny. But how to write off a car for scrap? What is needed for this?

It is best to contact the MREO and write an application for the disposal of the vehicle. But, unfortunately, not always in this way you can get a car.This is due to the fact that to write off the vehicle, you must provide all the documents on it and even the car itself. And the majority of those who want to do this are in a situation where there are no documents for the car or they are not enough. This usually happens when a person sells a car by proxy, and after some time the buyer simply disappears along with the car, without renewing the power of attorney.

In such a situation, it is extremely desirable to write off a car for scrap, because it may happen that after a while the car will pop up in some unpleasant situation, for which its owner will have to be responsible. If the application for the disposal of cars in MREO refused, then you need to consult with a professional lawyer who will certainly help to solve this problem. In most of these cases, it is necessary to steal in order to avoid problems in case of trouble. But then they will be at the driver if they find him. If the documents remain, then you only need to write an application and provide a passport with documents to your car.

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