How are Roman numerals written?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
March 18, 2013
How are Roman numerals written?

To write Roman numerals, use the following letters of the Latin alphabet. Not less ancient by the way. On the Latin keyboard layout, the following 7 letters are used: I, V, X, L, C, D, M.

Ascending, these letters denote the following integers: I - one, V - five, X - ten, L - fifty, C - one hundred, D - five hundred, M - one thousand.

Writing the first ten roman numbers is fairly common and well known. Roman numerals are often used in mechanical clocks or when numbering paragraphs in an article. Understanding how Roman numerals are written, and what they mean, is very simple:

It is known that: I denotes the Arabic number 1, II is 2, III is 3, IV is 4, V is 5, VI is 6, VII is 7, VIII is 8, IX is 9, X, respectively 10. Decimal numbers are as follows: X - 10, XX - 20, XXX - 30, XL-40.

And here are the rules for writing Roman numerals: To write a number from 11 to 49, you should add one more digit from the first ten to the main number that represents ten. Example: The number 34 will be written as XXXIV, and 45, respectively, XLV.In numbers from 50 to 89 at the beginning of each number we write L. Example: 72 will look like LXXII, 59 - LIX, and 87 - LXXXVII.

In numbers from 90 to 99, according to the same principle, at the beginning we put XC as the key number 90, and then we add the necessary number. Example: 96 - XCVI. To designate a large number, according to the rules, you must first put a number denoting thousands, then hundreds, tens and units. Example: 5128-MMMMMDXXVIII, 327 - MMMXXVII. Agree, all ingenious is simple! The main thing is to understand the logic of how numbers are constructed in any alphabet and practice.

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