I give you a Heart

The most famous symbol of February 14 is the heart. We suggest you to please your loved ones and sew the pendant in the form of a heart.
 heart-shaped pendant
With such a pendant you can decorate not only a car, but also a working one place of a loved one. Our models are very simple to make and original. To make a pendant, take red felt, filler, red ribbon (about 30 cm), red or yellow threads, a thin needle for beads, golden beads. Cutting. Using the template, draw the two halves of the heart on the fabric. Circle the template without seam allowances.
 Outline the template
A heart with embroidered silhouettes.
Heart with embroidered silhouettes
This is the easiest option. Thread a double thread into the needle. From the seamy side of one of the halves of the heart, fasten the thread. Retreating from the edges of the details of 1 cm, sew beads close to each other.Pull back another 1 cm from the resulting silhouette and sew another heart inside it.
 you can embroider the picture
You can also embroider such a picture on the second half of the pendant.
Heart with a face.
 Heart with a muzzle
In the places indicated in the diagram, embroider the eyes-hearts, nose and mouth with golden beads.
To make the muzzle even more fun, you can sew a few beads on the cheeks.
 nose and mouth with golden beads
This is how you get a heart with a muzzle and freckles. A heart pierced by an arrow.
 A heart pierced by an arrow
Take the golden beads. On one half of the heart, embroider a half of the arrow with plumage. Try to arrange the embroidery so that the arrow is at the top of the heart. Embroider the second half of the arrow with a tip on the second half.
arrows with a tip
Note the location of the parts of the arrow.
location of the arrow parts
Build. Fold the heart parts with the wrong side inward. Begin to sew parts from the bottom of the heart. Having reached the middle of the upper part, fold the ribbon in half and sew it into the heart. Continue to sew parts. Leave a 3 cm long hole unsewn.
Fill your heart with filler through the remaining hole and sew it.

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