If a woman is impregnable

Be persistent and consistent. Let the lady understand that what you are experiencing is not a short-term interest, but something more. Perhaps, she had already had a fiery relationship before, and this is precisely what made her inaccessible. Do not impose yourself, but day after day continue to give her signs of attention: help open the door, say compliments.
Listen to what the person is interested in. Remember which books she prefers, which cafes she goes to, which song can make her cry, how many brothers and sisters she has, who her parents work and where her beloved cat broke its paw. Such information will be of interest only to a truly in love person, and their knowledge will be another argument in your favor.
Give her exactly what she wants. The young lady let slip that the book of her favorite writer is coming out - have time to order a copy, and if you succeed, then with the author's autograph.When you walked past the pastry shop together, the girl of your dreams looked at the cakes - buy her a box with them at lunchtime. Let slip that catches cold - bring candy for throat and herbal collection. Surround her with care and attention, and she is unlikely to remain indifferent.
Watch your appearance. Girls like clean and pleasantly smelling men in neat clothes - the rest depends on the tastes of a particular young lady. Ask inadvertently what external characteristics of a man are highlighted by a woman you like. If you can, you can get closer to her ideal.
Make it clear to the young lady that you can rely on. If you have promised to repair her laptop or help with the project - keep your promise, even if you yourself have to call the wizard. In turn, do not hesitate to periodically ask the lady for help. People tend to appreciate what they invest in time and effort.
Show off your talents. Whether you take part in a scientific conference, a competition for young performers or a knightly tournament, invite a girl there too. Let her see for herself how interesting and versatile you are.
It is likely that, despite all your efforts, the girl will remain cold to you. If the efforts do not bring results, and you can’t manage to win the girlish position in any way, be sure to stop on time, experience the heartfelt drama and turn your attention to other young ladies.

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