Inexpensive Clay House

How to build an inexpensive country house from clay

Make a preliminary plan of your summer house: how many rooms it will have, whether it will have a veranda, where the bathroom and kitchen will be located, what the optimal height of the room should be.

Think over where and how many windows there will be in the house, what shape the roof of the house will be.

After approval of the sketch of the house, calculate the planned volume of basic building materials: rubble, sand, pipes, glass, wood, wires.

Find out which additives are usually added to the local clay when building clay houses, such as mud huts, etc.On this basis, determine the required amount of clay, straw, sand and other additives for the construction of a country house.

Prepare a site for building a house. align it, lay drainage pipes, lay communications in the house.Prepare the foundation of the house on a concrete pad. The height of the foundation must be 50 cm or more, the width is 20-25 cm greater than the thickness of the walls, the surface of the finished foundation must remain rough.The soil that you have chosen for the construction of the foundation, use to build a house.

Usually a mixture of three parts of straw and 1 part of clay is used for building a house from clay, but everything depends on the quality of your local clay and additional additives. The mixture is diluted with water and kneaded by hand, or more precisely, the mixture is kneaded. There are several technologies for building a country house from clay - with the help of a wooden crate and using adobe blocks.

The technology of a wooden crate is as follows: a wooden frame is being built on which a mixture with a large amount of straw and a small amount of clay is applied.

Block technology provides for the formation of clay (cobbled) blocks with a large amount of clay, drying them within 48 hours under a canopy, and the traditional laying of walls of blocks.

The features of a country house made of clay are a sufficiently large layer of plaster and a roof with a large shed - all this is necessary in order to protect the walls of the house from moisture.


In addition to the house itself, you can make clay and some pieces of furniture, which will also allow you to save on building a house.

When we buy a cottage, we do not always understand what expenses we will have to spend on building even a small country house. But an inexpensive holiday home is possible if we approach the construction not in the forehead, but use new fashionable environmentally friendly technologies, which, in fact, are simply well forgotten old: tested not by one generation, reliable and safe.

Building a country house from clay is not a quick task, therefore, if you have conceived a big house, then it is better to build it in stages.

Clay country house will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the cold winter night. Using these traditional technologies of our ancestors, you can build a cozy and spacious inexpensive country house with little cost.

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