Can I find out about pregnancy before a delay?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
May 30, 2011
Can I find out about pregnancy before a delay?

When a girl really wants to get pregnant and constantly tries to conceive a baby with her beloved, or just to be aware of what awaits her, she wants to know about pregnancy before a delay and is ready to do tests for determining pregnancy right now. But we all know that the tests indicate the presence of pregnancy only after the first day of delay. How can you quench the desire of the girl and try to determine the pregnancy before the expected date of menstruation?

First signs of pregnancy

Can I find out about pregnancy before a delay? The following signs will help you:

  • Increases the sensitivity of the breast. A woman can even feel at the slightest touch something painful. The chest may swell and at first glance it may already seem larger than it was. The appearance of such signs is possible after 1-2 weeks after conception.
  • It seems to a woman that she is unwell, feels weak, and notices fatigue.This is due to a slight increase in body temperature in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • There are signs through which you can learn about pregnancy in a week! At 1-2 weeks of pregnancy, a woman may feel small tingling in the uterus, thereby learning about pregnancy before a delay.
  • If you are sick, you can not tolerate any odors, and salivation increases, this can be considered the classic symptoms of pregnancy!
  • Urination occurs more often than usual. But, importantly, without pain and burning!
  • You will learn about pregnancy before a delay, if you feel an increase in appetite and a desire to eat something special.
  • An increase in white vaginal secretions may indicate pregnancy has begun.
  • Also considered normal is the appearance of small bleeding from the vagina at 6-12 days after conception, when the embryo is already attached to the uterine wall.

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