Kanzashi Flower for Beginners

Japanese needlework is always striking in its originality and minimal costs. To create amazing masterpieces in the style of kanzashi, the main tool is fabric and an incredible amount of hard work and perseverance. Recently, a very popular accessory for all women of fashion has become a flower. Most often it is made by hand in one of the techniques of handicraft creativity. Today I will tell you how to make a Kanzash rose at home with your own hands. For the process, we need:
For the process we need
  • Two types of satin ribbons, 5 cm wide
  • scissors
  • candle or lighter
  • tweezers
  • sewing pins
  • thread with a needle
First stage, you need to cut the ribbon into equal lengths. The width of each piece should be 5 cm, and the length of 10 cm.
 The width of each piece
In order to work with the tapes you could work without losses, you need to melt them edges above the fire.Try to bring the edge to the bottom of the fire, so the material is not too melted and not smoked. By the way, you need to bring the fabric to the fire with the wrong side down so that you do not leave streaks or soot marks on your face.
 fabric to fire
For the manufacture of my rose, to me It took 18 lengths of fuchsia ribbon for petals and 4 green colors for leaves. Starting to make petals. Place the ribbon vertically, with the seamy side up. Now, bend the upper right corner to the middle of the lower part.
 bend to the middle
Do the same with the left side.
with the left side
Further, the appeared right corner is attracted to the middle.
 draw to the middle
Repeat the procedure poo with the left corner and we fix the resulting "house" with a pin.
To create a flower, you will need 22 petals: 18 pink and 4 green.
Now, we collect everything in one tape.To do this, you need a thread to match the outer petals (I have green) and a long needle (preferably a bead). Stitch the right half of the petal,
 Stitching the right half
and on the left we put the right side of the second lobe and stitch them together.
impose the right side of the petal
This method collects all the prepared petals on the thread.  we collect the prepared petals
Now we begin to twist the bud,

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