Kanzashi hardware: Bee

The Kansas technique is rich in forms and ideas, but even from a simple round petal you can make a real bee. To do this we need a 4 by 4 cm square of yellow satin ribbon, a small patch of light cloth for the wings, 7 cm of the narrowest black ribbon , beads for the head and eyes, thread, needle, lighter, glue, rubber band or barrette, on which we will mount the product.
 Product in the kanzashi technique: Bee
First coz it has a yellow square diagonally and we fuse its free edges for better fixation.
 Kansas technique: Bee
Product in kanzashi technique: Bee
We fold the detail in half outwards. Cut the sharp edge and burn it with a lighter flame.
 Kansas technique: Bee
 Product in kanzashi technique: Bee
Freshen up with scissors and lower edge of part, about we abat it with flame.
 Product in kanzashi technique: Bee
That's the torso of our future bee.
 Product in kanzashi technique: Bee
Now we sew a big bead-head with smaller eyes on it.
Product in kanzashi technique: Bee
The fabric for the wings (in my case it is chiffon) is folded in such a way as to give them the most suitable form. Here, all your imagination and skill. You can make an ordinary bow and give it the form is already in the process with glue, or make 2-4 complete individual parts - wings.
 Product in the kanzashi technique: Bee
With the help of glue we fix the wings below the bee's torso.
Item in Kanzashi technique: Bee
On the center of the wings we also glue the elastic band for the hair.
 Kanzashi technique: Bee
From above we mask it with the edge of the wings, or cut off some chiffon and carefully glue it.
 Kanzashi technique:
Here we have such a rezinochka for hair.  in the kanzashi technique: Bee
If you use other fittings, you can get a very special product. By varying the colors and sizes of the head-eye you can finish off different emotions, the nature of our insect. If you plant a bee on a flower, photo frame, garter for curtains, topiary or even a bouquet, you will get a completely different composition. Unleash your imagination - and this idea will be embodied in a variety of forms and variations. Work done with your own hands will always display the master himself. It will be unlike others, unique.
 Product in kanzashi technique: Bee

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