Khokhloma painting of the table top - Openwork traditions

Khokhloma painting of the table top - Openwork traditions- painting with own hands of a glass countertop under Khokhloma, which will give the table a bright, solemn and memorable appearance.

Materials and tools:

  1. round table with glass top;
  2. glass paints;
  3. contours for glass with glitters;
  4. gilding glue
  5. potal (gold);
  6. shellac;
  7. suitable pattern for painting;
  8. alcohol-containing liquid
  9. synthetic brushes of different sizes.

Step 1

We print out a previously prepared drawing on the printer, adjusting its size to the size of the table top. The drawing can be printed on A4 sheets, and then glued together. We put a picture under the glass. Before you start decorating, you need to degrease the glass surface. We use for this alcohol-containing liquid and a napkin without a nap. Try not to touch the glass surface with your hands.

Step 2

Draw contours on glass, repeating the pattern of the pattern. We use contours with glitters (sparkles) of different colors. The contours of the picture should get closed, so that when you fill the paint it does not flow beyond the boundaries.

Step 3

Now, with the help of a small round synthetic brush, fill in the red paint for glass painting into the desired cells. We drip paint a little bit, gently stretching it to the edges of the cell. For convenience, you can fill all the cells with this color, and then go to the next one.

Step 4

Also use yellow paint. Fill the background with black to emphasize the brilliance of the contours and murals.

Step 5

Now we are gilding the flowers with the help of a pot. Apply a layer of glue for gilding and wait until it dries a little. Glue the sheet to the surface, smoothing it with a flat brush. We cover the gilded places with shellac.

Tabletopis ready.

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