La Mer cosmetics and its features

The modern brand “La Mer” is a unique cosmetics for the care of your skin. This product from La Mer was created for all those who want to preserve the beauty of their body and face for a very long time, and always look young and fresh.

The current range of cosmetics from this company is so diverse that it can satisfy virtually all desires with the needs of those people who possess different types of skin. The possibilities and quality of this cosmetics can not leave indifferent neither men, nor women.

The history of the well-known brand la mer began in 1950, when American astrophysicist, Dr. Max Huber received serious chemical burns during an accidental explosion. His body was seriously injured with his face, and at that time the drugs could not help the healing of his skin. It was then that this scientist made the decision to invent independently the remedy that would help him heal the damaged skin.

It was carried out in the home laboratory of research for 12 years.Over the years there have been failures and discoveries, and, of course, several thousand experiments. And now, in 1962, such a unique cream was obtained, with the help of which not only it was possible to heal the skin of men, but also to relieve them of all sorts of scars on the face.

After this miracle cream began to test in the laboratory and adapt it for release in the implementation and also for mass needs. The widespread production of Creme de la Mer began in 1995, and from that moment La Mer cosmetics began to conquer the world.

Creme de la Mer fans call it a “miracle in a can.” This miracle is made from those seaweeds that have anti-inflammatory properties and are also natural natural preservatives.

In addition, this cream contains a special wheat germ oil, as well as citrus and eucalyptus oil with a whole group of vitamins such as potassium, as well as magnesium, calcium and iron. With all this, with a rather lengthy process of biofermentation, Huber received a nourishing uniform composition, which many times exceeded all the positive properties of the components taken separately.

It is not surprising that the results on the use of this cream exceeded all expectations. That is why in the world there are a lot of admirers of modern cosmetics “La Mer”.If a woman at least once used the cosmetics from the brand “La Mer”, then she is unlikely to be able to refuse him.

Virtually all of the cosmetics from “La Mer” work wonders, and also effectively fights against skin defects and fading. This is understandable, because all La Mer cosmetic preparations are made using modern technologies.

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