Lawn Grass Tips

The main criteria for selecting seeds The intensity of development. If we bear in mind the fact that the vegetation will cover the summer cottage, then it follows that the owners will live there only on weekends. The question itself is brewing - why? Even children know the answer to this question. After all, in the summer residence there is always plenty of work: weeding, watering, sprinkling of plants, whitewashing of trees and a lot of everything. If you add a lawncut to all the cases, then you will have to spend more time than at home, and then completely quit your job and move to live in the country, all summer (an important point: this grass does not require a haircut). By the way, many gardeners, not knowing the features of some plant species, coming to the next day off to their site, see a very tall grass on the place where it was cut. And, of course, throwing all the garden affairs, we have to deal with artificial grass.

The purpose of the lawn. If you do not hurry and do everything right, it becomes obvious that even small, individual places in the territory should be arranged differently.People who know their business distinguish four types of lawn:

- decorative; - park; - meadow; - sports.
The difference between them is very simple. One can run, jump, play, make picnics and they will not have anything. But for others, one should strictly limit not only game activities, but also simple walking.

The composition of the soil and the climate of the area The main question arises when you begin to think about how the grass will take root. After all, even if it is chosen, observing all the rules, it does not mean anything. All soils differ in characteristics, which, naturally, must be taken into account. Grass care The first major factor is the frequency of watering, because as said above, the owners will not come to the cottage daily. This is the difficulty in choosing the right lawn. But if you make compromises, you can come to the following: you must choose a meadow or park type. These are the simplest lawns, for which you do not need a special frequent and quivering care. If you take a sports lawn, it will often have to be watered, drainage, and many more.Among avid dacha residents, there are almost no people who would like to engage in this difficult additional work. The conclusion is that in order for children to play comfortably, and adults just walking on the grass, you must use geogrids that will not allow spoiling the soil and grass.

Useful tips First, before planting lawn grass, you should bring those plants, which are already growing on this plot of land. And it's necessary to do this, not just squashing or squashing it, but to remove it with the root, so that it no longer appears and does not spoil the appearance of the lawn. This can be done only by removing the top layer of soil and pouring new land on this place. Secondly, you should not buy seeds without figuring out how to plant them, to what depth, to the sun or shadow area and many other questions. Only after learning the main aspects, you can choose the right amount and kind of seeds. You should never listen, and even more completely trust what the sales assistant says, because he does not know all the features of the site that will be decorated with lawn grass and delight all spring, summer and autumn.

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