Laying linoleum with your own hands

During the repair of the apartment, an important part is the replacement of the floor covering. Such a coating as linoleum is very popular in the modern world. Its main advantages are: 1. Low cost; 2. Water Resistant; 3. Wear resistance.
Laying linoleum with your own hands
Plus to all this, it is worth adding a huge number of different colors, thanks to which this flooring will perfectly fit into any kitchen interior . When self-laying linoleum, you can save on workers, especially since, for this type of repair work, you do not need special knowledge and skills. For laying linoleum, you will need the following tools: 1. Construction adhesive; 2. Pencil; 3. Roulette; 4. Special scissors; 5. Shuropovert; 6. Screws. We start with the fact that we remove all objects on the floor from the room. If the room has a plinth, then you need to remove it.Next you need to remove the old flooring, clean the floor from dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. It is worth bothering about measurements in advance, to the length and width, you need to add 5 centimeters, as the walls may not be even and there may not be enough linoleum. Starting laying linoleum it’s worth remembering that the temperature in the room should be at least 15 degrees Linoleum after the purchase must "otlezhatsya", in order to avoid bends and creases. A day before getting started, spread this flooring on a clean floor, in the order in which you plan to lay it. The ideal option would be if the linoleum is solid. If you have to lay it out of several pieces, then make sure that the seams were in the middle. When applying linoleum to the walls, do not forget about the fact that there should be no big overlap, then you will cut off the excess. Cut linoleum is recommended with special scissors, noting the point of contact with the wall in advance.
 Doing linoleum with your own hands
Laying linoleum with your own hands
 Laying linoleum with your own hands
In a small room, linoleum can be fixed with the help of a plinth. , this applies to those rooms where there is a large power load on the floor. After laying this floor covering, it is necessary to fix it with the help of a plinth. In order to avoid bending the linoleum in the doorway, it is recommended to fix it with the help of screws.

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