LED backlight for any ceiling

Usually, LED lighting is mounted in the ceiling when it is being repaired or upgraded. I really liked this idea because it can be applied to an existing room without any repair. To make an LED backlight in your room around the perimeter, you do not need to do any extra actions, and actually touch the ceiling itself.
LED lights for any ceiling

What do you need for LED lights?

First and foremost is LED tape. I recommend taking here -Aliexpress.com LED tape, at a very low price. What shade your backlight will have is up to you. The choice is great: white, cold, warm, color (RGB) LED strip. Personally, I took a white glow ribbon, for 220 V. It does not need any special adapters and converters. More advantages of itthat it has a transparent insulated casing, which is important for electrical and fire safety. This tape, of course, will be more expensive than 12 V, but it does not require a power supply, as a result, I thought that it would be more profitable. Also, twelve volt tapes need to be duplicated with power every 5 meters so that there is no noticeable drop in brightness at the end of the tape, and these are additional wires and inconvenience. With a tape for 220, this is not necessary, because the current in the circuit is very low, and when using at least 20 meters, everything will glow evenly. The second necessary element of the whole structure is the ceiling plinth, which can be purchased at any hardware store. But there can be no big hitch. Not every plinth is suitable for these purposes. You need to choose one that can be glued to only one surface. Since the market is mostly mostly skirting, which are mounted in two surfaces. Also special skirtings for LED backlighting are available for sale - ask the seller for sure. After everything has been selected and purchased, we proceed directly to work .

Making a ceiling light with your own hands

Stroke the markup.Take a ruler or tape measure, retreat from the ceiling for a certain distance, it can be 15-40 cm. It all depends on the size of your baseboard.

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