Log baths - make your life beautiful

Today, practically at every country site, chopped log bathhouses are erected, which are the symbol of Slavic culture and personify the original Russian traditions. A trip to a bathhouse in Russia meant not just shower procedures, it was a whole ritual associated with the purification of the body and soul. Specialized companies offer their customers services for the construction of turnkey wooden baths from different types of wood, but the best option is the use of coniferous trees. The healing aroma of cedar, pine and spruce, saturated with resins, when heated becomes more saturated. It has antibacterial and relaxing properties that have a positive effect on the mental and psycho-emotional state of a person.

It is worth noting that it is the technology of manual cutting that makes the structure attractive, emphasizing the natural origin of the material and the special, incomparable beauty of the tree.The presence of such a bath in the suburban area, where a log house has already been erected, creates a certain flavor that complements the surrounding nature. None of the methods of wood processing, except manual, can not achieve such incredible results.

Benefits of a log house

During machine processing, a protective sapstone layer is removed from logs, which is responsible for the strength properties and the hydrophobicity of the material. Manual felling implies the preservation of this natural layer, in view of which the operational characteristics of the chopped structure are several times higher than those of buildings whose material has been processed in other ways. Chopped log baths, which are built by professionals, have excellent thermal insulation properties, giving off a sufficient amount of heat and holding it securely. The microporous structure of hand-treated wood provides natural ventilation of the room. Processing logs with special compounds enhances the operational means of wood, increases resistance to ignition, moisture, insects.

Today, turnkey log saunas imply a range of services, including the selection and calibration of forests and even the final finishing of the building. Construction companies will offer you a huge number of ready-made and individual projects of chopped baths, which are distinguished by a unique design of execution, original architectural solutions and an unrivaled appearance.

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