Magic pills for sad thoughts

Any holidays, especially New Year's, involve gifts not only for the closest and dearest people, but also for acquaintances and colleagues. The budget for such presents is usually limited, but you want the surprise to carry a part of the warmth of the donor and be remembered for its originality. A great option - a hand-made jar with magic pills to set the mood. Such a gift is quite capable to create even novice masters. This will require:
  • Any glass jar with a lid (great for baby food, mustard or capers).
  • Smart fabric.
  • Synthetic cotton, cotton or cosmetic wheels.
  • Cardboard.
  • Needle with thread.
  • Burlap and paper for labels.
  • Various decorative ornaments (rhinestones, beads, laces, ribbons, pendants - depends on imagination).
  • Marmalade, dragee, dried fruit or any other goodies.
  • Glue gun or any other glue.
  • Acetone or liquid fornail polish.
 Magic pills
You must thoroughly rinse the jar by removing all old labels and traces of glue. If warm soapy water does not help and the glue on the jar stays - acetone will help out. Just wet the cotton pad and gently clean the glass from the stains of the old glue. The next step is the cover design. To do this, cut out a cardboard circle, equal to the diameter of the cover. From the fabric you need to cut a circle a little more cardboard.
Magic pills
If there are decorations that need to be sewn, it is better to do it now. We make the front side of the fabric to your taste. Useful beads or pendants. It will be great to look at applications made from excellent material, for example, felt. Fold along the edges of the fabric circle. In the middle we put cotton wool or sintepon, determining the right amount "by eye". We cover the packing with cardboard base, carefully tighten the thread, fix it with a knot. It turns out a small pad.
Magic pills
Side Sides covers make out lace or ribbons. It will be better if the tape does not go too far. Otherwise, there will be problems closing the jar. Carefully track the amount of glue to make the cap look neat. The junction can be closed with a cute decorative bow or a large rhinestone.
Magic pills
The cardboard base of the pads is gently glued to the top of the lid using hot melt or any other. We press and wait a couple of minutes for the glue to have time to “grab”. Optionally, complement the design with sparkles or rhinestones, sticking them with a pistol. The jar is almost ready. It remains the case for the label. Cut a rectangle out of the burlap, focusing on the size of the jar. From paper cut out a little smaller rectangle, sign the name of your magic pills and sew or glue to sacking. The resulting label is glued to the jar.
Magic pills
We fill the bubble with various yummy.A nice, sweet and definitely original gift is ready.
Magic pills
Variations of labels can be very different -" From laziness "," For the sweet life ", just nominal, etc. Everything depends only on the creative abilities of the creator. Such nice jars with magic pills will surely please everyone who wants to congratulate them on the holiday.

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