Main components for plastic windows

Plastic windows, presented on the Internet portal, can not be imagined without additional accessories and accessories. To such elements it is customary to include the ebb, sill, comb, mosquito net, etc. One of the most important parts of the window structure is the ebb. This component element is necessary for removal of thawed and rainwater from the window opening. Low tide is always installed on the outside of the building at a slight inclination. This is necessary to ensure that the drainage system is as efficient as possible. It should be noted that the ebb is used not only for its direct functional purpose, but also in order to make the window opening complete.

Another important component of the plastic window is the window sill, which not only performs an aesthetic function, but also prevents the penetration of cold into the room.In addition, the window sill can be used as a stand for souvenirs, flower pots and other pleasant household trifles. In the market of window constructions it is possible to meet high-quality German window sills Moller. These window sills can be used in the kitchen as a stand for hot cups and pans. On such windowsills there is not even the slightest trace of hot kitchen appliances.

It is impossible to imagine a window construction without a comb (opening limiter). This element of the plastic window makes it possible to produce ventilation at any time of the year. Moreover, due to the position fixing, ventilation can be carried out without the risk of supercooling the room. Among the main advantages of the comb, we can note the reliable fixation of the PVC window, the compactness of the mechanism, the absence of drafts and the possibility of adjusting the porch.

Modern PVC window is also difficult to imagine without a mosquito net, which is necessary to protect the room from insects. Usually this element of the window construction is used in summer, when most insects lead an active lifestyle.Also, these structures protect the room from poplar fluff and street dust. Mosquito nets are used not only on PVC windows, but also on plastic doors. In winter, the mosquito net should be removed and stored in a warm room.

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