Creation of a New Year's toy "Drum"

To create a toy you will need: - landscape sheet of paper. - cut off yellow felt. - glue. - scissors. - thin cord of black color. - cotton buds 2 pieces . - brown eye shadow.

Making a toy.

The prepared sheet of paper must be folded several times, forming a narrow strip with dimensions of 17x6 cm sides.
New Year's Drum toy
The resulting strip must be twisted into a tube and fastened with glue in such a sost oyanii.
 Christmas toy Drum
Now you should make two identical circles of paper, with diameters of 52 mm.
>img src="" alt="New Year's Drum toy" title="New Year's Drum toy">
The resulting circles should be glued on both sides of the created tube of folded paper.
 New Year's Toy Drum
It turned out the basis for the drum, now you need to glue it with felt.To do this, cut out a yellow felt with a rectangle with sides 6x17 cm.
 New Year's Drum toy
Use this strip to glue the side of the drum.
 new year's toy Drum
Next, two circles should be cut out of the felt, with a diameter of 5.2 cm.
 is new One-year-old Drum toy
These circles need to be glued to the base of the drum.
 New Year's Drum toy
From the prepared black lace you will need a segment 16 cm long. Make a loop from the cut, and glue the edges to the top of the drum.
 New Year's Drum Toy The place for gluing the lace should be covered with a small rectangle of yellow felt.
 New Year's Drum Toy
Now you need to cut the edges of two circles with a string,lower and upper.
New Year's Drum Toy
Then you should make 6 cm lengths of lace on the side of the drum, sticking them at equal distance.
 New Year's Drum Toy
Now we need two cotton swabs.
 New Year's Ba Toy raban
On the one hand, the cotton reel must be cut off.
 Christmas toy Drum
The remaining cotton wool should be covered with brown shadows.
New Year's Drum Toy
Then you should glue the sticks together, crossing them and putting them on one another.
 new year's toy Drum
The received sticks must be attached to the side of the drum. New Year's Drum toy
The result is a Christmas toy "Drum". New Year's Drum toy
The toy is ready!

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