Making a Christmas tree from pompons

New Year tree from pompons- New Year's master class, we make a small Christmas tree that will decorate and bring New Year mood to your home. The master class is simple and fascinating and is perfect for co-creation with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn;
  2. thick cardboard;
  3. scissors;
  4. glue gun (or Moment glue) or needle thread.

Step 1

Getting to the manufacture of pompons. On the cardboard draw two circles (one inside the other) and a small notch (see the figure), cut out the workpiece. For the manufacture of pom-pom will require two such blanks.

Fold the blanks together, between them skip a piece of yarn. Next, wrap the yarn preform, the more yarn, the more the pompom will be, until the pompom of the desired size is obtained. When everything is ready, we tie a piece of yarn between pieces of cardboard and cut the turns from the yarn. We give the pompom a neat and beautiful look, we cut off the sticking yarn.Everything, pompon is ready.

Repeating these steps, we make all the other pompons for the Christmas tree.

Step 2

Getting to the manufacture of Christmas trees. From the pompons lay out the bottom row (the base of the Christmas tree) in the form of a circle and either sew them together (better), or you can glue them together, but neatly. Then lay out the second row, it will take 1-2 pom-poms less, and also sew the pompons between each other.

Tip: It is better to arrange pompons of each top row in staggered order with respect to pompons of the bottom row. So the Christmas tree will be more accurate and beautiful.

We continue to spread the ranks from the pompoms, until the herringbone turns out. From above we sew one pompon.

Finally we will decorate the Christmas tree. Everything,Herringbone from pomponsis ready.

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