Making a harpoon

Making a harpoon- we make a harpoon with our own hands, which can be useful, for example, during a hike.

Materials and tools:

  1. metal size 20x5 cm, in this case it was an old machete;
  2. hacksaw;
  3. sandpaper;
  4. round file;
  5. file;
  6. drill;
  7. grindstone
  8. Paracord.

Step 1

Draw a sketch of the harpoon, cut out and paste it on the machete. Then we clamp the machete in a vice and using a hacksaw for metal (or a grinder), we will cut out the harpoon blank. File process the edges of the workpiece, removing the notches and irregularities.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the handle. Sandpaper we zashkurim piercing-cutting surface, as well as files denote the blade. We will clamp the harpoon in a vice and make a groove with a round file.

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