Mini septic tank to give

Not every building in the holiday village will be able to be driven by an assenizator machine, due to the very dense development and the availability of crop area, and the waste is always needed where something to merge. With a toilet, everything is clear: a wooden cabin with a pit downstairs. What about waste such as water after washing, washing hands or washing dishes? Drain it in the garden is fraught with unpleasant consequences for the crop, because of the content in it of chemicals from detergents and powders. Even ordinary grass, resistant to all kinds of pollution, is turning yellow and dying from it. In the toilet pour is also not an option. So you need to dig a septic tank!

You'll need

  • A two hundred liter barrel (metal or plastic).
  • A drill.
  • Any strong boards.
  • Nails.
  • Hammer with a hacksaw.
  • Shovel.
  • Charcoal for charcoal (a couple of large bags).
  • Ruberoid.
  • The lid for the septic tank (in my version it is the door along with the front wall of a broken washing machine).

We make a septic tank

A septic tank will be with a through bottom, so that there is no need to pump it out.Earth is an excellent natural filter for liquid waste with a small and not too dangerous content of chemistry, such as solutions of detergent powders or detergents. Nature does not damage this structure in any way; almost all of this chemistry will be filtered into coal and accumulated in one place, without poisoning the nearby lands and without spoiling your crop.
Mini septic for summer house
So, first, with the help of a drill, we will drill in the bottom of the barrel more holes with a diameter of about ten millimeters. With a frequency of approximately two holes per square decimeter. The bigger, the better. If the barrel is plastic, then you can simply burn it with a hot rod. Now the most time consuming part of the work is digging a hole. The pit should be dug ten to fifteen centimeters deeper than the barrel, taking into account the carbon filter. After the pit is ready, pour the prepared coal into the bottom of the pit.
Mini septic tank for gardening
Mini septic tank for gardening
It is advisable to crush it into smaller pieces before that. We install a barrel on coal.
Mini septic tank for gardening
Fill the gap between the barrel and the ground with sand, carefully ramming it with a spade handle, or something like this.
Mini septic tank for gardening
Next, you need to build a frame of boards, which should be put on top of the barrel. Frame sheathed board, we cover with roofing material and fasten it with a stapler, leaving a hole for the cover. The frame over the barrel will be fastened to a thick, impregnated antifungal oil composition, planks, driven into the ground.
Mini septic tank for gardening
If you, or your friends, have a broken washing machine that you have not yet had time to dispose of or send to a landfill, use a screwdriver, grinding machines and goggles to separate them from her front wall along with the door. It's easy - the metal there is not very thick. Saw off everything extra and sticking out of it, drill holes around the perimeter of this wall, in about ten centimeters and hammer it (or bolt it) into place of the lid.It will be a very convenient design.
Mini septic tank for gardening
There is no smell and, most importantly, no one there will not come and will not fail with his foot. In the absence of such a door, knock the board. Screw a strip of thick rubber on one side that replaces the hinges and a latch on the other. Here, in general, that's all. You can use. Just such a septic tank is quite suitable for a bath or shower. For the summer season this is quite enough. And in order to avoid silting of the bottom of the septic tank, do not pour anything there, except washing, dishwashing and other liquid chemical wastes.

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