Mittens with bulky colors

Mittens with three-dimensional with flowers
Mittens for the winter period is almost irreplaceable. In our climate zone, everyone knows that. And besides practical use, fashionable women and needlewomen want to make this accessory also beautiful. And then you can roam the fantasy. Mittens can be sewn, knitted and crocheted, knitting from wool, as we can see, there are many opportunities to carry out this winter piece of clothing, especially since each of the ways has countless options and models.
 Mittens with bulk flowers
In our case, we choose a tool - a crochet hook and pure wool yarn. Enough 80 grams, i.e. it is possible to keep within one hundred-gram skein of wool, and it will also remain. In addition, you will need remnants of bright threads of a contrasting color for the design of the back side of the mittens. Knitting calculationeasy to make yourself guided by our example.
 Mittens with three-dimensional colors
Materials for our model: - 80 gr, pure wool yarn of bright blue-violet color 120 m per 100 g); - 20 g, acrylic yarn of fantasy dyeing in peach tones for knitting flowers; - 10 g of any yarn in green tones for the leaves; - hook N 4.
Mittens with bulk colors and
Knitting start with a cuff mittens. To determine the length of the first row, we measure the hand in the widest place with the help of a thread. The first chain of air loops should equal the length of this thread. We close the chain (in our case - 35 loops) in a ring and knit in a circle with simple double crochets at the desired height of the mitten cuff. For our mittens it is 16 rows to the bottom of the thumb.
 Mittens with voluminous colors
 Mittens with three-dimensional colors

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