Modern multi-colored wall lamp-lighting

Materials and tools:

  1. 2 boards (you can change the size and choose the one you need) - here we used: 1d - 80x20x2.5cm, 2d - 60x10x5cm;
  2. carpenter's glue;
  3. LED strip;
  4. white gloss paint;
  5. bracket-hanger for fixing the luminaire to the wall (these are used for fixing mirrors, paintings, etc.)
  6. tape measure, screwdriver, level, clamps.
  7. Everything you need is easy to buy at a construction store.

Step 1

Let's make the basis of the lamp, for this we glue together with the help of wood glue boards. As an example, let's put the “smaller” board “larger” and align it - the “smaller” should be in the middle, we outline the location with a pencil. Take the "smaller" board and spread the whole surface with joinery glue, and glue it to the marked place to fix it, draw the boards with scabs or put something heavy on top. We wait until the glue dries. Additionally, the boards can be fastened with screws, but glue is enough.

Step 2

As soon as the glue dries, let's start painting the base. Pre-primed base, then apply the paint. It is better to paint the front surface with a roller, so the paint will fall evenly and evenly. &Nbsp;

Step 3

After the paint has dried, let's proceed to attaching the LED strip to the “inner” board. Usually, LED tape comes with double-sided tape. &Nbsp;

Take the LED strip and measure the required length, for this we wrap the inner board around the edges, cut off the excess. Starting from the corner (choose the corner yourself taking into account the fact that the lamp will be connected to the power supply from this side), tearing the protective film from the tape slowly glue the tape, paying special attention to the corners where the LED tape is bent. &Nbsp;

Let's start the installation of the lamp-lighting. We use a bracket that represents special metal brackets, which are usually hung on large mirrors or paintings. One to fasten to the lamp, another to fasten in the necessary place on a wall. We hang the lamp in place, putting one bracket on the other.

These LEDs were bundled with a remote control and a sensor, we attach it from the inside with adhesive tape so that it is slightly visible from the side. We connect the Modern multi-colored wall lamp-lighting to power.

All,  Modern wall mounted multi-colored light-illuminatoris ready and installed. Using the remote control, choose the color, adjust the brightness and create the necessary atmosphere in the room.

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