“Moiseevo miracle” of Chindo Island

In early May, thousands of tourists flock to South Korea to witness a unique natural phenomenon. Once a year, off the coast of the island of Chindo, which is located in the province of Jeolla Namdo, the sea waters part, exposing a path 2.4 km long and 40 meters wide, exposing the seabed and allowing many tourists to walk along it, enjoy the views, participate in Korean traditional dancing and see the performances.

The phenomenon of the separation of the sea became world-famous after the French ambassador to Korea, Pierre Randy, visited Jindo in 1975 and wrote about this phenomenon in a French newspaper. But the most important action is a procession through the water. The road appears around five o'clock in the evening. By this "Moses way" you can go from the mainland to the island.

Despite the scientific explanation of this phenomenon, in Korea there is an ancient legend. A certain Son Don Jin was convicted and sent into exile on Jeju Island. On the way, his ship crashed during a storm.

But Son himself, together with his family and team, escaped by sailing to the nearest island of Chindo.The place where he found himself was called Hvedon (the village of tigers), because there were many striped predators there.

The descendants of Sona lived on the island for more than 200 years and all this time were regularly attacked by tigers.

Then they decided to move to the neighboring island of Modo. However, during the move, they forgot one old woman in the village. The old woman was left alone, and began to pray to the Sea Dragon to help her reunite with her family. The dragon appeared to her and ordered her to come to the seashore.

It parted and the woman set off, but, having lost her strength, she fell. Then the family crossed the sea on the other side and took it. Before dying, the grandmother thanked Dragon for reuniting her with her loved ones. Since then, on the island of Chindo, people annually hold a ceremony in memory of the old woman and the miracle that the Dragon did.

A grandmother and a tiger put a monument at the place of her crossing the sea.

A few hours later the sea returns, and the walk on the water becomes impossible. If the tourists gape and did not have time to get to the land when the sea begins to return - it does not matter. Numerous boats and police will assist and deliver to the shore.

This place is notable for a unique breed of Chindokke dogs, slightly resembling our huskies. They are characterized by unimaginable devotion to their master. There are many stories that tell about the loyalty of this animal. For example, one Chindokke did not depart from the body of its deceased host for ten days and did not let anyone approach it. Another Chindokke, which was sold to a person living in the city of Daejeon, after a while ran away from a new owner and got back to overcome a distance of 300 km.

On the island there is a kennel in which this breed of dogs is bred, and only the dog that was born there is considered purebred.

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