MP3 player from cassette

MP3 player from cassette- a master class, doing an MP3 player in the body of an audio cassette at home.

Materials and tools:

  1. cassette;
  2. USB MP3 player;
  3. glue;
  4. Enamelled copper wires
  5. two screws M3x20mm;
  6. micro SD;
  7. solder;
  8. 4 miniature switches;
  9. label;
  10. soldering iron;
  11. A sharp knife
  12. screwdriver.

Step 1

Let's disassemble the player into its components, remove the board, battery and buttons from the case. Then disconnect the board and battery.

Step 2

Take a cassette and disassemble it. Let's take an example (imagine) how all elements of the player will be located inside the cassette. We also mark the places for the holes for the usb-cord and audio plug, make the necessary holes in the cassette case.

Step 3

At this step we will make the buttons of the player; You can use your own way to do this.

On one coil we wind the magnetic tape, leave a small piece of it so that it does not break up and fix it with glue. Now we'll make small depressions in the coil and glue the screws M3x20mm inside them.

To the cassette case we glue in pairs miniature switches (see figure), between the two switches should put a screw. Then, using enameled copper wire, connect the contacts on the switch with the contacts of the buttons on the chamber (see figure). With enameled wire it's fairly easy to work to get rid of the protective layer of it's enough to burn it.

Step 4

Install all the details of the player inside the cassette, make sure the elements do not interfere with each other. Also, you should make sure that the coils do not interfere with turning, so that the miniature switches easily switch. We insert micro SD into the player with music. We stretch and glue a piece of magnetic tape on top, close the second part of the cassette and tighten the screws.

At the very end, glue the printed and cut out label.Retro player from cassetteready.

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