Musketeer Costume

So it is customary: a child must go to a New Year's tree to dress. It is easier, of course, to buy a Batman or Spider-Man outfit in the store, and not to suffer with needlework. But on the holiday of such superheroes there may be two, or even four. Then the gift for the best costume will definitely not your baby. The costume offered by me can make even the most "armless" parent. If there are necessary details of the outfit in the household, then it will take an hour and a half to create it. If not, you have to spend the evening completely. We will need: any hat, old mother's boots and gloves, two rectangles of black fabric, a pair of garlands, a buckle, two pieces of wide elastic and something like a feather. Hat.
The edge of the hat is decorated with a garland. Wide fields make it possible to give the hat a real musketeer look. If there are no hats - we take on the Internet a "recipe" for making it from paper. It is very simple.
We cling to her buckle.
 We cling to her buckle

Fasten the pen. In my version, the Duster dust brush is used as a pen.An analogue can be colored paper, wound on a wire and finely cut along the edges.
 Fasten the pen
 Fastening the pen
Accessories. Ruthlessly we cut off the tops of old boots. It is desirable that these were boots with buckles. The top of the tops decorate the garland. Bottom bend, so that the cut is not visible.
To the old gloves fasten the garland. Cloak. This is the hardest part of a suit. We take a plain cloth of blue, red or black color. Fold it in half and cut out the same rectangles. This is the front and back of the cloak. Sew the edges of the fabric rectangle from all sides with an internal bend (in order to avoid shedding and blooming of the fabric).
We sew the second fabric rectangle in the same way.Sew shoulders, leaving a sufficient hole for the head.
 Sew shoulders
Sew gum pieces into both sides of the raincoat at the breast level of the child (fasten each of them to 1 and 2 obmetochnye rectangles stitch). Gum is necessary to limit the movement of the raincoat around the body.
 sides of the cloak
 sides of the cloak
We mask the edges of both rectangles with a garland.
masking with a garland
 make a cross out of a garland
In the center of both fabric rectangles we make a cross from a garland of a different color.
 musketeer costume
 musketeer costume

musketeer costume
Tips. We sew garlands by hand. When dressing a baby, first we stretch the tops of our legs, and then any shoes in size. Under the raincoat we put on a white mother's blouse (better in size more and with ruches) or a shirt. The collar is turned up the top of the cloak.The shirt should be preloaded with a belt around the waist. It is necessary to tie a short (6–7 centimeters) cord to the belt, which will be the mount for the sword. SCALE - Required Props! If it is not in the nearest store, we do it ourselves. To do this, we take a stick, a mop handle, a thin pipe or a thick wire. We string on it a circle with a hole in the middle, made of cardboard. Shift it down 15 centimeters. We wrapped the whole craftwork with foil for baking. That's it! Your baby will not only be individual, but also get great pleasure from the unusual dress. Santa Claus will appreciate your efforts!

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