New Year's pendant - orange made of felt

On New Year's Eve, we think about what to give to our relatives, colleagues, how to decorate your home or what theme work to do with your child. Suspension in the form of an orange slice will be the best option for all these cases, because it can easily become a modest souvenir, hand-made or decorative element, setting the appropriate tone. And most importantly, it's made with your own hands, and therefore with good and from the soul! For manufacturing take:
  • Orange and white felt.
  • Floss threads of the same color.
  • Scissors.
  • A small section of satin ribbon (15 cm).
Making: Cut out three circles from felt: 1 large and 1 small orange and 1 medium white. For this purpose, you can use containers with different diameters, for example, a mug, a glass and a glass - draw the upper part and that's it.
 Christmas pendant orange from felt
Cut the smallest orange circle into 6 approximately equal parts, which should be sewn onto a medium-sized white circle. Attach a white piece with sewn orange parts to a large circle.  New Year's orange pendant from felt
>img src="" alt="New Year's pendant orange made of felt" title="New Year's Pendant Orange from Felt" >
Sew a white circle to a large orange loop with white threads with a looped seam. As a result, you should get something like an orange slice - a big one orange circle, white medium on top, and small circle cut on average. Sew a large circle around the perimeter with orange stitches with small stitches and slightly tighten it.
Christmas pendant orange made of felt
 New Year's orange pendant made of felt
Sew a piece of linen to one edge of the pendant you are in the form of a loop.Secure the thread.
 New Year's orange pendant made of felt
That's it, the pendant is ready, you can decorate it with spruce, or you can pack it in a transparent package and present it to your loved one. By the way, such a suspension can be made with your child, but only if he owns sewing skills and is warned about safety rules. Happy New Year and good luck to you!
 New Year's orange pendant made of felt
 Christmas pendant orange from felt

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