Pretty little fox from beads

Girls-craftswomen, needlewomen, today I want to share with you a master class on making flowers-beads from the violet. Products made of beads are distinguished by their unique beauty, grace, originality, and always attract attention, and others will appreciate the skill of the skilled worker. Personally, I really love this kind of needlework, because the process of manufacturing itself is very soothing and mesmerizing. Products made of beads are the most beautiful and most attractive things that will stay with you forever and will be a wonderful gift to family and friends. So, for work we will need:
  • Thin wire;
  • Crimson, lilac and yellow beads;
  • Scissors;
  • Decorative paper sticky tape (decorative paper tape).
 for work we need
Let's start our little flower and make ce edinki. Cut a small piece of wire, about 15 cm.We put a yellow bead on the wire.
 bead of yellow color
Then we fix it approximately by half of the wire by winding it. We get just such a fixed bead.
 fixed bead
After about 1 centimeter we put on another bead and also fix it. So do with four beads. We get just such a center.
 We get just such a middle
Let's start making the petals. Cut off a piece of wire about 15-18 cm. We string five beads of lilac color on it. We form a circle and wind one end of the wire against the other. We get a fixed ring.
fixed ring
String beads on the free end of the wire.
>img src="" alt="stringing beads" title="stringing beads">
After of this we wind the wire with beads around the bead ring and wind it onto the other end of the wire, thussecuring the ring.
securing the ring
We get here such a petal.
do four things

These little petals need to do four things.
 make four things
Let's start making large petals. We do everything similarly to the previous petals, only additionally we wind another row of beads. As a result, we get a petal with three rings.
 petal with three little rings
We make five petals of such petals.
petals do five things
Begin the assembly of our flower. Fold the middle part in the ring, around the winding small petals. We fix.
We fix
Then we attach large petals to the result. We fix.
We fix
The free ends of the wire will be our stalk.In order to give it a more realistic look, we wrap it with green decorative paper tape.
 scotch in green
Spreading the leaves and our violet is ready.
Spreading the leaves and our violet
 Straighten the foxes Iki and our little
 Spreading the leaves and our little violet
Such flowers will become an excellent element of decor. They can be used to make compositions of flowers, you can simply put in a vase, or you can make a big and lush bouquet and put it in a pot.
Nice little bead violet
Pretty violet of beads
By placing a pot with violets on the window, you will certainly attract the attention of others, and most importantly, and flowers will bloom all year round and pleasing to the eye. Also, on the basis of the technique of making violets, it is possible to make flowers of larger sizes.

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