Garfielf Takes Manhattan by Plane

Odin Takes Over Manhattan

It’s gonna be a big season for Manhattan men’s boutique . First, they’re doing quite the swaparoo with Spencer will take over Odin’s pop-up-shop,Den, in the East Village, while Odin will take over Oliver Spencer’s retail space in Greenwich Village. It seems like quite the unprobable match made in heaven that two retailers would both vy for the other’s location, but apparently the two companies have business ties, so we guess it makes sense…sort of. Like musical chairs. All this is apparently scheduled to take place immediately beforeFashion Weekin September, so perhaps they’re rushing to make the moves in time for ? Another soiree to add to the list, perhaps?

That’s not all that’s happening with Odin this season. Come October, the menswear retailer will add fragrances to their brand, with a trio of scents each retailing for 0. Good news for us ladies; the fragrances to launch under the names “Nomad,” “Owari,” and “Century,” will all be unisex, so we can finally live out our dreams of smelling like our significant other all day long…yeaah. But in all seriousness, we won’t knock it ’til we try it.

Continuing in their brand expansion, Odin will also follow up their fragrance launch with the release of a menswear line in collaboration with designers, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver. According to a vendor survey that came out last year, Odin ranks third after and as one of the most influential men’s stores in America. And with their upcoming expansion plans in the works, looks like they’ll only be moving up from here.

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