Office furniture: we choose according to all the rules

Everyone knows that office furniture should be comfortable and durable. However, these are far from the only parameters of her choice.

What is it made of?

In order to fully complete the workplace, you must purchase a computer desk, chair and a cabinet (or cabinet). However, if the office is small, you need to correctly arrange the furniture to fit everything. Usually, for productivity, they divide a room into work areas: employees of one specialty sit side by side to quickly communicate if necessary.


Office furniture must meet certain requirements: serve for a long time and be comfortable. Basically, it is made of chipboard or other wooden boards. Glass or metal is considered to be less practical materials, therefore, completely products from it are not made (only if impregnations). Natural wood for office furniture is also rarely used due to its high cost.


First, all furniture should be in one general style. It is desirable that it be strict classical forms and muted shades, so as not to distract from work. Each workplace should be fenced, and still communication between employees should be carried out without problems. Usually, round tables, high table-tops and shelves placed on the table help with this. Recently there has been a tendency to abandon sharp corners, as it is believed that oval tables contribute to a more friendly atmosphere. It is much more convenient when the furniture is equipped with wheels: you can move it around the room without interference.

In general, office furniture is divided into two types: for employees (usually cheaper and simpler in design) and for management (made from better materials, original in shape and color).


There is an unspoken rule that an employee should sit with his back to a wall, and not to an open space, otherwise a sense of danger and insecurity is created, which will distract from work. There are no other general recommendations on the location of furniture.

As mentioned earlier, the workplace of each employee consists of a basic set of office furniture: a table, a chair, a bedside table for documents and personal items.

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