Only video: the best performances at the "Grammy 2017"

What is the main musical ceremony this year remembered - in the compilation Woman's Day.


Despite the fact that the winner of the Grammy 2017 was Adele, Beyonce still had the best performance. In a few hours of video, her show gathered over a million views. And there will be more. The wife of Jay Zee for nine minutes of stay on the stage changed several images (from Madonna to Nefertiti) and brought out to the audience 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. And if you add to this all sorts of special effects and a huge crowd of dancers, it turns out some kind of magic, not a performance. True, in some moments the audience had a little nervous. Especially when the actress together with the chair slowly fell down. Of course, the celebrity did not do it herself, she was supported by invisible cables, but, you see, not every woman (even if she is a superstar) will decide on this being in the last stages of pregnancy. It is not surprising that in the final the hall exulted!

Lady Gaga and Metallica

Lady Gaga appeared before the audience in the form of a rocker.And at the very beginning of her performance there was an incident with Metallica: the soloist of the group James Hetfield didn’t turn on the microphone, so the singer had to take the rap for two. Only a few minutes later they found a way out of the situation: Gaga and Hatfield decided to sing in one microphone. But the most interesting thing was to come. By the middle of the hit singer jumped into the crowd! Fortunately, the fans picked up a star and brought it back to the stage. But this episode, anyway, was very enchanting.


Adele at the ceremony decided to conquer the audience not with show effects, but with her voice. As always, by the way. However, during the performance of the song in memory of George Michael, she swore and asked to adjust the microphone to her tone.

"Sorry. I can not spoil this speech dedicated to him (George Michael. - approx. Woman's Day). Can we start over? ”She said.

Fortunately, the sound was immediately repaired. And Adele continued to sing. However, after a while she returned to her stage appearance again. “I apologize for cursing,” the celebrity said. - George Michael, I love him. He means a lot to me. Sorry if I offended someone. ”

Katy Perry

Katy Perry at the Grammy 2017 performed the new hit Chained to the Rhythm, the clip for which was presented a couple of days ago (seeHERE). The actress went into the hall with a white pantsuit and dark glasses and moved around the stage to the slides of the sea waves. The audience called her performance the sweetest and most touching at the ceremony.

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