Origami Crane - 5 options how to make

In this master class, I will show you how to make a crane using origami technique with your own hands with step by step photos. It is no secret that in order to master a new creative skill, you need to start with the basics and with the creation of simple models. For this ideal crane. You can easily make it and make a new element of the decor.

Please note that children can also create such a model, as for this it is only important to carefully and carefully make the necessary bends. And in order to not confuse anything, you need to follow the scheme and recommendations presented below, and everything will work out for you!

How to make a crane using origami technique

For a long time people have associated a crane with love, happiness and health. This symbol was created from a variety of materials, and the paper was among them not in last place. The origami technique was also often used to create cranes.

At present, however, the folding patterns of this model are vast, which, on the one hand, indicates its popularity, and on the other, the difficulty of choosing a really good and beautiful option. Our article will help you make the right choice and create your own symbol of happiness. How to make a boat out of paper, see here.

01. Classic option

Step-by-step creation of such a crane in origami technique is given in this master class.

Origami Crane

Take a square sheet.

Add it as shown in the photo.

Then fold the edges.

Make a triangle.

And fold again.

Then wrap one corner of the triangle, and then the other.

Fold the edges of the resulting diamond. Then unscrew the shape as shown in the image.

Also do the other side.

Fold the edges on both sides again.

Bend the edges. This is the head and tail of a crane.

Make a beak.

Spread your wings. Origami Crane is ready!

Such products can be used not only in work with children, but also as a decoration of the premises, for example, at a wedding or for a photo shoot.


02. Zhuravlik for luck

With the help of the technique of origami, you can make a huge number of models of animals and birds. Over time, their species becomes only more, but the most common among them was and is the crane model. I present another option - how to make a paper crane.

One square sheet of paper is enough to make it.

First, fold the sheet in two transverse directions.

After this, we make diagonal folds on the sheet, but in a different direction.

We fold the sheet in the form of a double square due to the existing folds (the top of the bend of the workpiece is directed upwards).

At the upper layer of the resulting square we bend the sides.

Now they need to be straightened out.

And folded into an elongated rhombus.

We turn and repeat the same. As a result, we received a blank, which is called "Bird."

Turn the left side of its upper layer to the right.

The right half of the lower layer should be turned to the left. Now the harvesting of our crane has changed a little. From the upper part of the head and tail, and from the bottom - the wings.

Let's start with creating one wing. To do this, turn down the lower triangle to the top.

Then make the fold down, combining the edges with a horizontal line.

Perform another fold up.

Do the fold down again.

It remains to perform 2 more bends to form a wing.

One wing of our origami crane is ready.

On the other hand, using the same bends, we make another wing.

So our bird should look from above at this stage.

In the front part of it we will form a head, making an internal crease.

Our crane in the origami technique is ready.

03. Origami Crane with spread wings

Origami art was born in Japan, as they say, during the creation of paper. In the future, it was especially appreciated by Japanese aristocrats. Indeed, through these paper figures it was possible to convey various wishes and show your respect to the recipient.

As for our country, the art of origami is of particular interest to children.They give themselves completely to the process of creating a new toy. Hand-made paper birds and flowers surely caused shine in your eyes as a child. To create this crane will need only a square sheet of paper.

To begin with, fold the sheet in two diagonals.

Then do the transverse folds, but in a different direction.

Due to the folds we fold the sheet in the form of a double square, its open sides are facing down.

At the top layer of the billet we bend the side corners to the middle line. From this part we will further form the neck and the head of the crane.

The upper corner will turn down.

Spread the folded shape.

Now you need to give it the shape of an elongated rhombus.

Turn the blank over to the other side and rotate it a little.

Do the formation of the wings of the crane. To do this, on the right side do the folds from the sides. In the end, we got 2 folds.

Now each of them needs to be straightened. We start from the bottom.

Straightening it, change the external fold to internal. As a result, from one fold we get two.

We do the same with the fold on the other side. At this stage, we have 4 folds (2 on each side).

Now you need to make two folds from each fold. To do this, add each of them towards each other.

After that, we straighten the folds (we change external to internal) and form new folds.

Repeat this with a different crease - fold them out and make counter bends.

As a result, we should have 4 folds on each side.

This is how the crane works at this stage.

Speaker corner pivot to the right side.

Let's turn the crane over to the other side.

On the left side, make a fold at a right angle, but not completely (smooth the fold only to the level of the horizontal line).

Now let's make a similar fold in the upper part. So we outlined the folds necessary for the formation of the neck of the crane.

Let's add the following species to the harvesting of our bird. To do this, its right side needs to be folded lengthwise, and the left side should be positioned vertically.

On a plane, the future crane looks like this.

The upper part of the left side will turn at a right angle.

At this point we will make an internal fold.

It remains to form the head of our bird. To do this, bend the tip.

Making the folds inward, turned the bird's head.

Our crane is ready.

Japanese Classic

Origami crane with paper with legs

Cranes in Japanese mythology

In Japan, this graceful bird is a symbol of long life and hope. It is interesting that in ancient times the Japanese made such figures, giving them certain meanings and emotional coloring. Later, this art began to spread among other countries, gaining worldwide fame and admiration.

As you can see from the story, to make a symbol of happiness with your own hands, you do not need to be born and raised in Japan for this. The scheme of its creation can be understood and reproduced by anyone. A distinctive element of the paper crane is its thin and long neck.

In Japan, there is a belief that one who folds a thousand paper cranes will necessarily fulfill his cherished desire or this person will be cured of all ills. Over time, this bird also symbolized the world.

Many people know the song "Japanese Crane" about the amazing events that occurred during the Second World War. This song is about a girl, Sadako Sasaki, who received radiation sickness as a result of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. She believed that a thousand folded paper cranes would help her to heal.

However, she managed to make only 643 origami models, she died, having lived only 14 years. The remaining 357 cranes were laid down by her friends.

Cinema also did not leave this sad story aside. With her acquainted the viewer of the Soviet film "Hello, Children." After these events, the paper crane became a symbol of non-use of nuclear weapons. In Japan, there is even a monument to Sadako Sasaki, and its history still concerns people from all over the world.

What value and value the crane would not have as a symbol of health and longevity, at present it is in dire need of help. The Japanese are putting enormous strength in preventing the extinction of this bird, so that it will further inspire people with hope for a better future, happiness and peace.

We very much hope that our recommendations will help you make your own crane, which is sure to be happy.Start folding origami of this beautiful bird, which is not only striking in its beauty, but also symbolism. Maybe you can even make a thousand origami cranes and your cherished wish will also come true.

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