Original Children's T-shirt

I very much want the child to always look beautiful and original. Mikey is such a thing that quickly get dirty and feel sorry for them then throw it away. So I decided to patch up a small stain that we had on a t-shirt and at the same time make it original and very beautiful. What you need for this: Mike of any color. I have a white. Acrylic paints. It is desirable that there are at least 12 pieces in the set, since. different shades of colors are needed. A thin brush. A glass of water. Any thread for knitting that you can find at home. Silicone glue. A big book with a thick cover. or a piece of oilcloth. Children's wax-pencil of black color. Drawing. Palette. Let's get started. Cover the book with a file or oilcloth and put it on. shirt. Now you need to redraw the drawing on the shirt. To do this, I use a children's waxed pencil; it draws easily on fabric. And redraw the drawing. I was afraid to take a stencil, as it can leave marks on the white shirt.
 t-shirt pattern
When the picture is drawn, it is necessary to circle with black paint. You can, of course, take a black outline, but it does not leave such an ideal line, as I needed. And so I painted with a thin brush and paint. Here the picture is completely circled.
 circle with black paint
Next we fill in the contours with paint. Take a palette and mix paint to get the necessary shades. And little by little, slowly, we start coloring the bee, the dog and the flower. You need at least three shades of brown for a dog.
When the image is colored, I decided to make a pigtail from threads on the neck of the shirt. She took the thread to knit different colors, you need 6 colors. We tie two doors of different colors to any door handle or stool and begin to weave a pigtail.
 make a pigtail from threads
The size of the pigtail is measured on the neck of the jersey .We take a little with a margin, if it's superfluous, it's better to cut it.
 make a pigtail out of threads
And start our pigtail glued on silicone glue. You need to smear it a little and smear it with your finger and glue the pigtail. So glue to tails turned out back in the middle. It's superfluous to trim and glue the tails on the glue. We turn the prepared shirt inside out and iron it with a not so hot iron, preferably through a rag.

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