Oxford, brogues, losers: know what you wear!

shoes in ZhytomyrA stylish guy-girl can be seen immediately. They seem to go from the glossy magazines and adorn the gray mass. Their secret is that the image is thought out from head to toe. They not only purchased a fashionable wardrobe item, they know its name, origin and what it is worn with. And it's not that hard. Each of us can curb a couple of fashion terms and learn how to use them correctly in practice. Let's start from the bottom, where we have nothing more than shoes. Since in the trend of shoes at low speed, we will talk about the most popular of its varieties.

Oxfords - classic shoes with "closed" lacing. Named in honor of their ancestors - Oxford semi-boots - popular in 1800 among students at Oxford University. A classic variant without perforations and decor in men is customary to wear with a dress coat, a tuxedo, a classic costume. In women, the best duet for Oxford is the feminine wardrobe items made from lightweight flocking fabrics.Looking for stylish oxfords - look at the Eurotop.

Among the celebrities who love this type of shoe: Whitney Port, Rihanna, Olivia Pormello, Sienna Miller, Drew Barrymore.

Brogues - shoes with perforation and detachable toe (front) of various variations. Their story is no less interesting. The first owners of brogues - Irish farmers - came up with a hole in the perimeter of the shoes for drying and better ventilation. Golf lovers were the next to appreciate their practicality. But the brogues owe their popularity to Prince Edward of Wales, who perfected their form thanks to a detachable toe. In our time, this shoe has remained more casual, festive than official.

That brogues were one of Michael Jackson's favorite types of shoes. Loafers - shoes without laces, the shape is similar to moccasins, but have an expressive sole with a wide low heel. The main decor of the lofts are leather fringe tassels or a metal buckle. Who would have thought that such a popular shoe was created by a Norwegian shoemaker Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger, born in Aurland, who started learning the shoemaking at the age of 13,and at 20 he presented the world with “Aurlanda moccasins”. Nowadays, loafers are considered everyday shoes, have many variations: velvet, lacquer, decorated with stones, as well as animal print. Stellar representatives of lofers: Pixie Lott, Doutzen Creuse.

Sleepers - shoes without lacing and fasteners, usually with a flat sole and tongue on the rise of the foot. The first sleepers were simply room slippers of British aristocrats of the XIX century, and are named after the honor of their abilities to slide on the floor. Now it’s categorically not those sleepers, they are ozdobleny spikes, lace, print. Although about the use, this shoe is combined with both elegant dresses and casual shorts. This footwear is especially popular among men who appreciated its practicality.

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