Oil Taman

Tamanu oil Erofeevskaya Natalya To maintain the health of the skin, their purity and radiance, women all over the world use vegetable and mineral oils. And if olive oil, peach oil, wheat germ oil and shea butter have long been firmly entrenched on cosmetic.

Gift Box

Gift box Celebrations, events and occasions for presenting small tokens in the form of surprises or gifts are always enough on the calendar, but I want to make this process special, not trivial, along with a souvenir it is always pleasant to share a.


Scrothin Vibrohod is a brush facing down with a bristle, on which is attached an electric motor with an eccentric and a battery. When the motor shaft rotates - the eccentric (the load whose center of gravity does not coincide with the axis of.


Burrito Burrito - a universal dish that came from a distant Mexico. The main ingredient of the traditional burrito is a soft wheat tortilla. Interestingly, the filling can be quite varied: from meat to fruit. Number of servings - 6. Ingredients: 6 special wheat.


Cactus Good afternoon. Today I want to invite you to make an eternally blooming cactus with your own hands from salted dough and improvised materials. For this we need: - Flour. - Water. - Salt. - Dyes or gouache (brown, red, black, green).


Lovebirth The ancient teachings of Feng Shui convinces that souvenirs in the form of a pair attract and keep love. Therefore, Valentine's Day is an excellent occasion to present to loved ones such a talisman. To sew the inseparable, prepare: - cotton cloth in.


Home Garden Fresh greens provide more health benefits than dried spices. Most herbs are not whimsical. They can be grown at home, which will help provide the family with natural vitamins all year round. Making a hanging rack for plants is not at all.


Soups Workshops: Simple hodgepodge recipe Among hot, hearty meals soups rightfully occupy the first place. Solyanka is one of the most nutritious options for making dinner for the whole family. This soup fills the appetite thanks to several types of meat in the composition.


Light It has long been proven the power of the game of light in terms of organizing comfort and coziness in the house. Sconces, floor lamps, lamps - each of these lighting devices creates a unique contribution to the overall surroundings of the apartment.

Kissel from frozen berries, a recipe for delicious jelly

Frozen Berry Kissel, Delicious Jelly Recipe Kissel is one of the most useful beverages in the world. It restores the work of the stomach, maintains normal digestion, strengthens the immune system, nourishes the body with precious vitamins. But in addition to its healing qualities.

Simple jack press

Simple jack press Very often in the home and workshop you need such a simple thing. like a press. There are a lot of examples, from home cooking to finishing two surfaces under pressure. I will show and tell you how to make a.

Knitted Ball

Knitted Ball The most beautiful toy on the Christmas tree can be created only with your own hands. These works will not only be unique, but also bring a sense of joy and warmth to every home. One of these decorations is a knitted.

Wooden chairs - about the advantages and disadvantages

Wooden chairs - about the advantages and disadvantages The chairs from natural wood were used, enjoyed and will be very popular. What is only their appearance. Aesthetic appeal is at the highest level. Like any other piece of furniture, wooden chairs have advantages and.

Super Pizza

Super Pizza Super Pizzais a pizza recipe. Ingredients: 2/3 Art. warm water; 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 tsp sugar; 0.5 tsp. salt; 6.5 grams dry yeast; 2-2.5 st. flour. Cooking Water mixed with olive oil. Mix the flour with yeast, sugar and salt in.

Mini Battery Powered Soldering Iron

Mini battery operated soldering iron The main advantage of this mini soldering iron is that it is powered by a 3.7 V battery. It is not tied to the network and can be safely taken with you. Of course, its power is not large.

Macrame bracelet with beads

Macrame bracelet with beads You will need: 1. Knit nylon shoe color - 1 piece 2.Shorts colored - 4-5 pieces 3.2 small rings (sold in the building store) - 2 pieces . 4. Clasp - 1 pc. 5. Small beads -112-140 pc. (half-coil) 6.

Useful snacks for baby

Useful snacks for baby Every kid is an individual. Its growth, development occurs in each differently. Even the teeth and those do not grow on a pattern. I agree with this, not by hearsay, every mother. When learning about the world, a small researcher.

LED backlight for any ceiling

LED backlight for any ceiling Usually, LED lighting is mounted in the ceiling when it is being repaired or upgraded. I really liked this idea because it can be applied to an existing room without any repair. To make an LED backlight in your.

Photo Gun

Photo Gun. Can I take a picture of the moon at home? "Youcan,"thepersonwhoneverhadacamerainhishandswillanswer. "No“-theprofessionalwillanswer.Forthisyouneedexpensivephotographicequi... Nbsp; Imyselfmadeasimplephotoshooter,consistingofadigital"soapbox"witha3xzoo... Nbsp; Thisisthefutureofphotocamera. Withthehelpofstandardscrews,thedeviceiseasilyassembledanddisassembled.... of the Moon, made with the help of my self-made photogun. Image left with original resolution. Craters and “seas” are well seen.

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