We knit amigur Amigurumi Seals

We knit amigur Amigurumi Kotikov Materials and tools: yarn; The hook. Legend: vozd. n. - air loop Art. b / n - column without nakida half a dozen b / n - semi-column without nakida Knitting description Torso-head Row 1: 6 tbsp. b /.

Felt Valentines with own hands

Felt Valentines with own hands A great idea is to make a valentine out of felt in the form of a heart. Doing valentines from felt with your own hands is a small recognition of your feelings and a nice decoration. How to start.

A silk skirt with a lapel trim

Silk fabric skirt with ruffled trim Hello, dear visitors. In this article I will tell you about how you can sew a skirt made of silk fabric with a ruffled finish. We have a beautiful and elegant skirt that can be put on for.

Origami Crane - 5 options how to make

Origami Crane - 5 options how to make In this master class, I will show you how to make a crane using origami technique with your own hands with step by step photos. It is no secret that in order to master a new.

Games with salt dough and Lego

Games with salt dough and Lego Games with Lego - what can they be? With the help of Lego, you can learn to design, sort, develop fine motor skills. Today we will show you how to write letters and numbers on a test with.

Top 5 kitchen sinks - April 2018

Top 5 kitchen sinks - April 2018 Kitchen sink should be beautiful, functional, comfortable and reliable. It's not for nothing that it is called the queen of the kitchen. Despite the fact that many modern kitchens are equipped with a dishwasher, you just can't.

Decorate bottles with semolina

Decorate bottles with semolina From an ordinary bottle, you can always make a small, and sometimes a great work of art, without the need for special knowledge or skills. Here is another way to put any pattern on the bottle, and for this you.

How to make homemade sausages

How to make homemade sausages Certainly it is not worth repeating once again that homemade food is much tastier and healthier than the dishes offered by our catering, since any housewife prepares even the simplest food with a soul and thoughts about those who.

Mittens with knitting needles

Mittens with knitting needles We knit with knitting needles gorgeousMitten with deerfor women and men. Materials and tools: yarn (75% wool, polyacryl, 65m / 50gr) 50-100 g white, 50 g burgundy or blue Socks spokes number 5.5 and number 6. Pattern Description Eraser 1x1.

Christmas toys made of gypsum

Christmas toys from gypsum Many designers love to use gypsum in their work. And not in vain. After all, gypsum is cheap enough material, and there are countless options for its use. Today we will make simple casts with New Year themes. We will.

Small repair of felted things

Minor repairs of felted things There are some things that are out of fashion. You get used to them, they become loved. It is sad when their period of socks ends prematurely. Workshops that are engaged in minor repairs of clothing can quickly replace.

Vase in papier-mâché technique

Vase in the technique of "Papier-mache" We need: Form for the future vase; Newspapers; White paper; PVA glue; Disposable gloves; Polyethylene film; Gouache; Glossy varnish for coating; Brushes for gouache and lacquer 1. Preparatory stage. Prepare a form for a future vase. If you.

Poster by May 9 with your own hands

Poster by May 9 with your own hands As a rule, posters become more popular on Victory Day. They are used not only to decorate walls in rooms, but also to organize solemn processions and parades. If there is a desire, you can easily.

Cute snails crochet. Amigurumi

Cute crochet snails. Amigurumi Cute crochet snails. In this master class we knit a small snail amigurumi. The snail knits very easily and is suitable for children or beginners. Materials and tools: multicolored yarn 100% cotton; hook number 1.5; beads \ beads; filler.

Easter coloring book for kids

Easter coloring book for kids Easter coloring for kids in kindergarten is a wonderful way to keep restless kids in a calm affair. In anticipation of the holiday, they will happily plunge into the Easter theme, and will create very beautiful pictures with the.

Airsoft Grenade Manufacturers

Airsoft grenade manufacturing Let's start, perhaps, with a list of materials we need. We need: Petard. I use corsairs number 4, because they are not so expensive and rare as No. 6, they are smaller, but it is quite sufficient for our needs. Energoflex.

Magic pills for sad thoughts

Magic pills for sad thoughts Any holidays, especially New Year's, involve gifts not only for the closest and dearest people, but also for acquaintances and colleagues. The budget for such presents is usually limited, but you want the surprise to carry a part of.

Dolphin Therapy for Children

Dolphin therapy for children Dolphin therapy for children is an amazing science based on using the natural desire for dolphins to communicate with people and first of all with children. Observations of children who had the opportunity to constantly contact with dolphins showed that.

How to get rid of the fungus on the tile forever

How to get rid of the fungus on the tile forever! Well, when the apartment is warm and cozy, it disposes to rest and comfortable living. An uninvited guest - a fungus can spoil such an idyll. Very often, fungal lesions are observed between.

Knitted cute crocheted bunny

Knitted cute crocheted bunny We crochet acute eared bunny. Materials and tools: yarn (80m / 50g); hook number 3; filler (sintepon); some cardboard for the base of the legs; eyes and nose or beads and a button for the face. Legend: rev. - air.

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