Bead Box

Bead Box Hello, dear readers. In this article, we will tell you about what kind of crafts can be done if you collect enough boxes of matches, have suitable plastic and cardboard sheets at hand, and if you have a few damaged laser discs.

DIY Rugs

DIY Rugs Workshops: Retro gamer mat Rug for fans of old computer games. To make a rug with a picture of an old computer game made up of squares-pixels, you need only a little patience. From ordinary single-colored square rugs you can make your.

Chocolate Spring Cards

Chocolate Spring Cards So we waited until the spring and ahead, we are only waiting for the freshness of the spring mood, the first favorite sparrows and snowdrops, the first buds on bushes and trees, as well as the long-awaited spring trills of birds.

Tree with leaves and flowers

Tree with leaves and flowers Trees are sources of energy. In addition, they delight the surrounding flowers, green foliage and generous fruits. Why not make a piece of wildlife from scrap materials? From this master class you will learn how to make leaves decorated.

The construction of the band foundation

Construction of the basement Anyone starts with a foundation. The types and size of the foundation depend on the building that will be built on it. The higher the weight of the building, the foundation must be solid. For the construction of a wooden.

Clay Fir Tree

Clay Herringbone Making abeautiful Christmas tree made of clay, which can be used to decorate a Christmas tree, as well as to use as an element of decoration for a New Year's gift. If you write a name before baking the clay, you get.

The recipe for the preparation of spicy marinated tomatoes

The recipe for the preparation of spiced marinated tomatoes Recipe for spicy pickled tomatoes- a recipe. Ingredients: 5 medium-sized dense tomatoes; 1.5 liters of water; 8 cloves of garlic; 6 black peppercorns; 5 sheets of laurel, black currant and cherry 3 leaves of horseradish;.

Installation is what

Installation is what? Installation is a kind of art in which the creator creates a spatial composition from various details, for example, natural elements, household and industrial products, textual information and other materials. Such a composition is a non-standard combination of ordinary things and.

Bird feeders

Bird feeders And what do you do when you make a bird feeder? You use strong and waterproof material, worry about the aesthetic appearance of the product, try to think as much as possible about all the details, so that the birdies can comfortably.

Cake from diapers

Cake from diapers Workshops: Gift cake from diapers Do you want to please young parents with a useful gift that also looks bright and stylish? Then make a cake for them from diapers. After all, unlike soft toys, which will be gathering dust on.

How to make an Easter bunny

How to make an Easter bunny The Easter Bunny is an integral part of the beautiful spring Easter holiday! It so happened from ancient times that he comes to visit at Easter and brings us a good mood. The smiles of our children illuminate.

Amplifier on STK402-020STK402-120

Amplifier on STK402-020… STK402-120 Today I would like to tell you about the amplifier which, in my opinion, is an excellent solution in terms of price-power-quality. And so, in the main role we have today the chip series STK. Chips stk - hybrid chips.

File Knife

File Knife This is my first guide to making, so just have patience and read it to the end. I made this knife from an old file that I bought on a cheap basis. I may be mistaken in some places, so if you.

Paper Bottle

Paper Bottle It has long been a secret to no one that a variety of objects can be folded from an ordinary sheet of paper. Which of us did not make a paper airplane or a simple flower in childhood. Remember how hard we.

Thread Snowman

Snowman of Threads New Year is a long-awaited celebration for children and also for adults. And what about this day without a snowman. Of course, nothing! We advise you to make this craft with your children, this unique occupation is easy to manufacture. The.

5 famous Moscow mansions, where to go on an excursion

5 famous Moscow mansions, where to go on an excursion It is getting warmer on the street, and you already want to break away from your favorite TV shows and go for a walk. Where should I go first? We remembered five Moscow mansions.

Inflatable Pool for Home

Inflatable pool for the house Our home is a fortress where we can do whatever we want. Some people are used to living in luxury, so they pay a lot of attention to how to build your house, how to decorate it and what.

Georgievsky brooch in kanzashi style

Category: Hand-made articles for May 9 In preparing for the holiday of victory and making crafts for May 9 for veterans with their own hands, children learn more about the war period and show a conscious interest in it. The Great Patriotic War touched.

Effective sea buckthorn masks

Effective sea buckthorn masks To face looked young, fresh and attractive, it is not necessary to buy expensive cosmetics. Homemade recipes such as sea buckthorn will come to the rescue. Find out which masks from these berries are the most effective. Why sea buckthorn.

Realistic roses from Scotch tape

Realistic roses made of scotch In this article, you will learn how to make your ownRealistic roses from Scotch tape (Duct tape - plumbing tape). Roses are very beautiful and realistic and can only be distinguished from real ones upon detailed examination. Materials and.

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