Heparin ointment from acne marks

Heparin ointment from traces after acne Acne or other inflammatory manifestations on the skin at least once in their lives, each faced, and the age here does not play a special role. Unpleasant cosmetic defects in the form of acne of the body or.

Retro car embroidered cushion

Pillow with embroidery "Retrocar" Pillow with embroidery "Retro car"- a stylish pillow with embroidered retro car will be a great gift for a car enthusiast. Scheme Step 1 First, sew the fabric edge. Cut 6 cm wide strips of red fabric along the oblique.

Creative gift: Dollhouse in guitar

Creative gift: Dollhouse in a guitar For Kids, Crafts, For Friends, Vintage, For Favorite, Gifts, Decor, For Women, Workshop, Accessories DIY creative gift for your daughter This is a cute dollhouse built inside an old guitar. Catherine made it for her daughter, who is.


WHICH IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE YOURSELF. Modern bed-podium. TOP 50 + workshop Decor, Workshop, Furniture, Cheap Today, the bed-podium has gained a leading position in modern interiors, especially where there is minimalism. That's because this bed looks really stylish and modern. The beds-podiums differ.

How important is properly organized industrial ventilation

How important is properly organized industrial ventilation? Any production organization must have a ventilation system. This equipment system should be maintained in working condition all year round, since it performs very important life functions that allow it to effectively carry out the enterprise's operations.

Beautiful DIY greeting card for March 8

Beautiful DIY greeting card for March 8 Spring has come, and with it one of the most beloved, especially by women, holiday - the eighth of March. If you have not chosen a gift for your beloved mother, grandmother or sister, you should think.

26 Vintage doors in contemporary interiors

26 Vintage doors in modern interiors Vintage, Decor, Workshop, Cheap, Interior If you want to update your interior, then you can only change the appearance of the doors. The door is an integral part of almost every room, it brings freshness to the overall.

How to make a cake from pampers with your own hands

The best gift for parents of rosy cheek tops is diapers. This is the most sought-after and very useful item in the first two years of a baby’s life. By presenting such a present, you can be sure of its relevance, usefulness and relevance.

Crafting a snowman Olaf from salt dough

Crafting a snowman Olaf from salt dough On the New Year and Christmas, even the prints of children's feet can be turned into an original memorable gift - for example, a pendant with the image of a funny snowman Olaf. Such a pendant will.

Mechanical water leakage prevention system

Mechanical water leakage prevention system PAPER SPRING SYSTEM FOR PREVENTING WASHING WATER Manypeoplearefamiliarwiththeproblemofwaterleaksinapartments,becauseofa... HOWTHISSYSTEMWORKS Weputonthefloorasensormechanismconnectedbyacabletotheballvalve. Whenwatergetsontheelement(papertape),thepaperbreaks.Thespringcontracts... Thissystemofoverlappingwaterusesballvalvesthatarealreadyinstalledmoree... Thesystemallows toalsoshutoffwatermanually.Thehandleisturnedtotheside,andthecableremai... SYSTEMREQUIREMENTSTOPREVENTWATERLEAKAGE Thephotoshowsthatsomeelementsaremadeofstainlesssteel(formoredurablewor... HOWTOMANUFACTUREASYSTEMFORPREVENTIONOFWATERLEAKAGE Base-woodenblock(length-360mm,width-50mm,height-25-30mm),oneshortendha... Nbsp; Thesensorisastripofpapercutfromthestudent'snotebook,attachedtothebotto... Inthemanufactureofpartnumber3wasusedoakbar150h20h50mm.Allthebendswerem... Parts3and4shouldbemadeofstainlesssteel,forbetterslidingpart№4.ItemNo.3... Inthemanufactureofpartnumber1,thereisaproblem-anexpandedholewithadiame... Isolveditasfollows:Idrilledonehole,fromtheinsideIstuckascrewsixintoit.... Nbsp; Details4,4a,4b,thespringistwistedtogetherwithonescrewfromthebottom(aca... ADJUSTMENTSYSTEMS Inthemanufactureandadjustmentofthesystem,itisdesirabletouseadevice-api... TherearetwoholesinPartNo.5:thefirstisforthefinger(whenwetightenthespri... Thebase(woodenbar360x50x25)canbemadelonger,andafteradjustment,theextra... Inthestretchedcondition,thespringforceisabout10kilograms,attheendofthe... Iboughtaspringinahardwarestore(doorspring),cutitintothreeparts. Itookthestainlesssteelfromanoldwashingmachine"Riga".Cableboughtinthest... Theshortendofthebarshouldhaveanangleof93degrees,thesameangleshouldbein... Tests held in a humid.

7 secrets of proper care for plastic windows

7 Secrets of Proper Care for Plastic Windows As the happy owner of plastic windows, you should still take the time to maintain their dazzling appearance. There are several secrets that allow PVC windows to shine and delight the eye at any time of.

We connect the joystick from Dendy to the computer

Connect the joystick from Dendy to the computer In this article I will not only tell you how connectthejoystickfromthedandytothecomputer,butalsoofferyoutodownloadg... Nbsp; Theconstructionisverysimple.But,beforecheckingtheinterfaceyouhavemade,... Nbsp; However,it'stimetogetdowntobusiness.AllyouneedistheLPTportconnector(it... absolutely anydiodes,and,actually,thejoystickitself.Let'sstart.Hereisthejoystickc... Tosolderthewiresaccordingtothescheme,youneedtoopentheconnector,butIsug... Theinstallationprocessistoclickthe"Next"buttonandshouldnotcausedifficu... Afterinstallation,the"ParallelPortJoystick"folderappearsinthe"Start"me... Seetheconfigurationwindowofthenewjoystick.Initwesetthevalues​​asshowni... Well,thefloorofthecaseisdone,itremainstoverifytheefficiencyofthejoysti... Gotothe"ControlPanel"andlaunchtheshortcut"Gamingdevices".Selectthejoys... andgiventhelatertime,therewasnoonetohelp. Ifyouhavepassedtheverificationtestwithapositiveresult,Icongratulateyou... And perhaps the most important thing is downloading the archive.

A gift for a smoker: a modern choice of attributes

A gift for a smoker: a modern choice of attributes Tobacco smoking is not so much the use of a dose of nicotine, as organizing and conducting the most comfortable process of inhaling the smoke of a cigarette. The main accessories for a smoker.

A postcard with a touch of country style in earth tones

A postcard with a touch of "country" style in natural colors The postcard looks very cute and original, and it is applied to natural restrained tones. A special contrast of simplicity and restraint gives a sharp contrast to the materials - coarse raw burlap.

Log baths - make your life beautiful

Log baths - make your life beautiful Today, practically at every country site, chopped log bathhouses are erected, which are the symbol of Slavic culture and personify the original Russian traditions. A trip to a bathhouse in Russia meant not just shower procedures, it.

Neonatal meningitis - symptoms, signs, treatment

Neonatal meningitis - symptoms, signs, treatment Neonatal meningitis - symptoms, signs, treatment Neonatal meningitis Neonatal meningitis is the inflammation of the meninges due to bacterial invasion during the first 90 days of life. Clinical manifestations are the same as in sepsis, irritation of the.

Decoupage of furniture

Decoupage of furniture Workshops: Highchair Update Sometimes pieces of furniture remind us of childhood. Perhaps there is a shabby old baby highchair with shabby paint in your house. If you throw it out in a garbage pitifully, and it does not fit into the.

Wish Box

Wish Box To decorate a New Year tree it is possible here such small boxes with a surprise inside. In each herringbone-box you need to hide a note with a wish. Invite guests to choose any Christmas tree. And let the wish come true.

Slippers crochet and knitting

Crochet and knitting slippers Slippers crochet and knitting- knit comfortable home slippers with cords. The master class is simple and suitable for novice needlewomen. Materials and tools: yarn; hook number 3.5; stocking needles number 3.0. Legend: rev. - air loop; half a dozen s.

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