How can I get a tattoo from the skin

How can I get a tattoo from the skin? Recently, no one will be surprised when there are portraits of favorite heroes on her hand on a 15-year-old schoolgirl's body, or there are butterflies and flowers on some parts of her body in women.

Craftsman astronaut. Crafts for the Day of Cosmonautics

Craftsman astronaut. Crafts Day cosmonautics The uncomplicated, but rather interesting hand-made article “Flight into Space” will surely please your little explorer, and he will be happy to pick up the idea of ​​making it for the upcoming Cosmonautics Day. Everything you need for The.

22 iconic dresses in the cinema

22 iconic dresses in the cinema Any movie actress - the work of many people working on the film. Perhaps many of the roles would not have become so iconic and famous without luxurious dresses. Therefore, today we invite you to recall the 22.

Candy Candy Flower

Candy Candy Flower In the vase there are a few sweets ?! Then eat them and mark the wrappers in the right direction. From such a simple and accessible material you can create both simple crafts and complex ones. The main thing is to.

Flowers delivery in Kemerovo

Flowers delivery to Kemerovo Modern people are at a fairly high level of development. Evidence of this is the level of progress. And not only in the field of scientific and technical developments. Modern service has also reached high positions and is able to.

Backlit 3D Paper Picture

3D backlit paper picture Paper 3D painting with backlightingis an interesting project of 3D paper paintings, the project is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance, but very laborious. Thanks to the backlight in the dark, the picture looks amazing, the.

Duck Bead

Duck Bead For weaving a duckling we need beads (large) of yellow and orange flowers, 2 black beads for the eyes, two pieces of wire - 80 cm and 35 cm. img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/7/920-neobhodim-biser.jp... alt="need beads" title="need beads" from the head on the wire (70.

Lawn Grass Tips

Lawn Grass Tips The main criteria for selecting seeds The intensity of development. If we bear in mind the fact that the vegetation will cover the summer cottage, then it follows that the owners will live there only on weekends. The question itself is.

How does rehabilitation go after a circular face-lift

How does rehabilitation take place after a circular face lift A circular facelift is a kind of plastic surgery aimed at restoring the lost elasticity of the skin, removing its sagging, wrinkles, folds in the nasolabial area and a number of signs of skin.


Sections Every self-respecting company has a reception desk, where all guests can learn the information they are interested in. To equip the hall of this room is mandatory. After all, quite often you have to wait until the right person is released. just allow.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Liquid Filling

Chocolate muffins with liquid filling Chocolate Cupcakes with Liquid Fillingis a recipe. Ingredients: 3 egg yolk; butter 100 gr; chicken egg 2 pieces; black chocolate 70% 200 g; sugar 50g; salt 1 tsp. wheat flour 60 gr. Cooking Preheat oven to 2000C. Break open.

Li-Ion Battery Charger

Charger for lithium-ion batteries I made myself a charger for four lithium-ion batteries. Someone will now think: well, did and did, such is full on the Internet. And I immediately want to say that my design is capable of charging both one battery and.

Custom kitchens in Orenburg

Custom Kitchens in Orenburg Each factory specializes in the production of certain types of furniture. Kitchens are made to order, mainly by large companies. There are also universal factories, but they do not have such a wide range and corresponding specialization. Manufacturers of kitchen.

Soufflé from regular soap

Soufflé from regular soap Soaps can be very different, and its task today is not only to clean the skin, but also to saturate it with vitamins, moisturize, and of course bring aesthetic pleasure when used. Soap-soufflé is the most tender light soap that.

How to make a gift to a man with his own hands

How to make a gift to a man with your own hands I think that every woman has a question several times a year: what would you give her husband, brother, father or friend for a birthday, February 23, New Year, anniversary, on the.

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