Hidden wiring detector

Flush Detector Quite often, residents of apartment buildings need to fix a picture, a hanger, a shelf, or some other piece of furniture on the wall of an apartment. To do this, you should mark a point on the wall and drill a small.

Passenger elevator in a private house

Passenger elevator in a private house From a number of vehicles on the floors in the entrances, the elevator smoothly migrated to our homes. More recently, the house was considered an indicator of wealth in the family, now, this is something people cannot do.

Just see what a miracle can be done on a wooden frame

Just see what a miracle can be done on a wooden frame. You can put aside hooks and knitting needles and learn this master class. A plaid of pompons is done with the use of a wooden frame, with nails hammered into it. Instead.

How to open a flower shop

How to open a flower shop You will need - business plan; - registration documents; - room; - retail store equipment; - employees; - suppliers; - advertising. Instruction For the successful organization of any business need a detailed business plan. Calculate in it your.

Paper Model PT-SAU Hetzer (Jagdpanzer 38)

Paper Model PT-SAU Hetzer (Jagdpanzer 38) Materials and tools: scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler tweezers; glue brushes and paint; watercolors (or pencils), toothpicks; clear acrylic glue ("Moment", etc.); to print the model matte photo paper with a density of 170-180 g / m2; for.

Lamb kufta

Lamb kufta You will need - Minced mutton (420 g); - ground pepper; - chicken egg (one piece); - small onion (one piece); - peeled garlic clove (one piece); - White breadcrumbs (50 g); - ground cumin (one hour spoon); - ground hot pepper.

How to send money from mobile to mobile

How to send money from mobile to mobile You will need - mobile phone with Internet access; - WM Keeper Mobile (WebMoney mobile e-money wallet) or an open account in the Yandex Money service; - bank card (for example, "Visa-Electron"); - Your addressee should.

Believe it or not your man

a guest19.04.17 15:45 Believe it or not your man. Good afternoon! Recently discovered that it is recorded in the phone book of his young man (groom) as "Brother". Prior to this, it has always been recorded by a kind name / nickname. After the.

How to effectively prepare to speak to the audience

How to effectively prepare to speak to the audience Speech from the point of view of oratory Theory of oratory implies four ways of public speaking: - impromptu - performance, when you are not preparing at all, but rely on your knowledge of the.

What to write on the shirt

What to write on the shirt? Kira Dobrovolskaya March 14, 2013 Printed t-shirts in the last few years are a hit. Many people buy T-shirts and T-shirts ready, but some want to stand out from the crowd and get plain T-shirts, which they then.

How to become an instructor

How to become an instructor? Watch the video How to become an instructor? Fitness instructor - a profession quite demanded. Instructors in fitness, Pilates, yoga and other similar areas work in sports clubs and centers, as well as individually (at home with clients). Of.

Respiratory tract infections: causes and treatment

Respiratory tract infections: causes and treatment Instruction Respiratory diseases are most commonly caused by viruses and bacteria. There is a close relationship between the pathogen and the course of the disease. Rhinosinusitis is most often provoked by streptococcus and hemophilic bacilli. In some cases.

DIY souvenir for Easter

The Souvenir by Easter with our own hands What could be more interesting than making handmade Easter gifts with children? Immersion in the creative process always brings a lot of positive emotions and helps to feel the joy of fruitful, friendly, interaction with the.

Analysis of the story Mumu

Analysis of the story "Mumu" Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev wrote his work “Mumu” ​​under the impression of the events that worried him during that period. After all, all that excites the writer is displayed on his work. After completing the analysis of the story "Mumu".

DIY Office Christmas Paper

Herringbone from office paper with own hands In order to decorate the room for the holiday, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive garlands, artificial Christmas tree branches or glass balls. You can make a Christmas tree out of ordinary office paper.

Glittering Foamiran Hair Clips

Glitter Foamiran Hair Clips This rose will be a great decoration for hair and complement your wardrobe. It is 5 cm in diameter. For work we need: - foyamiran shiny red with a thickness of 2 mm and green shade -0.8 mm. - glue.

How to make a compress from vodka

How to make a compress from vodka You will need - a gauze or a piece of cotton cloth; - polyethylene or compress paper; - cotton wool; - bandage; - 60 ml of vodka. Instruction On top of the gauze, put polyethylene or special.

Where ducks fly

Where ducks fly Scientists have long been engaged in this issue. First in order to find outwhereducksfly away for the winter, birds were ringed. This method was laborious and not always accurate: it is far from a fact that a ringed duck catches the.

Polymer Clay Turtle

Polymer clay turtle Polymer Clay Turtleis a master class in modeling polymer clay (or plasticine), great for sharing creative work with your children. Materials and tools: multi-colored polymer clay (or plasticine); tool for work. Step 1 From the polymer clay, roll 4 balls, then.

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