Pancake Rolls

Pancake rolls- original, beautiful and certainly delicious dish. which combines traditional Japanese and Russian cuisine. The pancake rolls with soft cheese filling, green tabico and salmon will appeal to admirers of both cuisines.


  1. cream cheese 150 grams
  2. cucumber 100g;
  3. Tobiko caviar 15g .;
  4. salmon 130 g;

For a test for 6 pancakes:

  1. 30g butter
  2. country milk 250g.
  3. vegetable oil 20g.;
  4. sugar 50g;
  5. salt 3G;
  6. wheat flour 125 g.;
  7. egg 3 pieces;
  8. mat, food film, frying pan, board, knife.


To begin with, mix soft cream cheese with tobiko caviar in a separate bowl.

From pre-cooked pancake dough, we bake six thin pancakes. Put each pancake on a cutting board and cut from both sides.

Distribute the mixture of cheese and caviar over the surface of the pancake with a spoon or spatula.

Salting recipe: grate a single orange zest and cover half of the salmon with it. Mix 150 g of sugar with 500 g of sea salt. We take 25 grams of brandy and sprinkle them with fish, after which we dip it in a mixture of salt and sugar. Pour fish with fresh juice of one orange. Put in a container with a lid and put in the fridge overnight. By the morning you will be ready aromatic salted fish. We post freshly salted salmon.

tightly fold. Do the same with the other four pancakes. The sixth pancake is left.

Now, with a sharp knife, cut fresh cucumbers into six pieces along.

Next, spread the spoon   soft cream cheese over the surface of the sixth pancake. Here we use non-caviar tobiko cheese.

Top lay out the pancakes, laying between them pieces of fresh cucumber.

Before using the mat, we recommend wrapping it with cling film. This will keep it clean for a long time. Using the mat, fold the pancake and give it a square shape, squeezing it through the mat with your fingers from four sides.

Now remove the mat and put a pancake on a cutting board. Using a sharp knife, we cut it into 2-2.5 cm thick rolls with sawing movements. We spread the rolls in beautiful cuts up   and decorate with greens and caviar tobiko.

Pancake rollsare ready. By the same principle, you can prepare rolls with any fillings, both salty and sweet, for example, using mascarpone cheese with fresh fruits and berries.

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