trouser costume for Barbie doll
Girls love to dress up their dolls! But after all, dolls, most often, are sold without additional outfits. And if more dresses are attached to it, then such dolls are much more expensive. Therefore, if you have a sewing machine, patience and a desire to bring joy to your daughter, then you yourself can sew such an outfit. You will spend on this lesson two hours, or even less. To work, prepare pieces of cloth. It is desirable that they were not loose. And also you will need a centimeter, white paper, chalk and scissors. How to sew trousers Measure the dolls of the hips. This doll has a girth of 11 cm.  measure barbie
Add one cm to all the seams and one centimeter to make the jacket free to sit on the doll. Divide by 4. My measurements: 3.2 cm. Waist can not be measured. It is from the doll "wasp", so we will simply make a dart on the trousers. Decide on the length of the product. Take a piece of cloth, fold it vertically in half, secure with needles. Draw the top line.From it, measure 6 cm (seat height + hem), and then another 11 cm. Draw horizontal lines from these points. On the top line, measure 3.2 cm. On the middle line, set aside the same amount and add another 1.5-2 cm. On the bottom line, set aside 4 cm. This is the width of the pants at the bottom. Connect all the dots as shown in the photo.
 make patterns
If you want to make the pants already, then cut the fabric to the right by 0.5 cm. Cut blank along the contour.
 make patterns of trousers
Make two such details.
make patterns

At the top of the parts draw tuck depth of 1 cm.
 we make patterns
Embed them. Seam the top and bottom of the products with a zigzag seam. Also process the edges where the parts will be attached to each other. Press.
make patterns
Stitch each leg with a half-centimeter stitch. Handle seam.
make patterns
Turn the legs on the front side.
Begin to sew halves of trousers, go through the seam, sew two more centimeter and tack. Fold the top of the product by 1 cm.
Sew a Velcro. One - on the front side, and the other - on the wrong side.
These are the trousers you got. Iron them off.
pants are ready
How to sew a jacket. Measure the volume of the doll's chest. My doll he was 13 cm. The width of the chest is 8 cm. And the width of the back is 5 cm.
 measure barbie
First, make a back pattern. On a sheet of paper, put down 10 cm: the length of the product + 5 mm on the seam. Mark 4 cm horizontally from above and below: half the width of the backrest + 5 mm per seam and one cm for tucks. Make a rectangle. At the top, set aside from the left edge 1 cm for the neck and 1.5 cm on the shoulder (already with a seam allowance). Measure 2.5 cm (armhole) from the right edge of the horizontal line. Connect the lines as shown in the photo.Do not make a deep deep hole; better, do not reach the right edge a bit and lower the line down from there.
 make patterns
Cut the pattern, put it on the fabric folded in half and chopped up with safety pins and circle. Cut.
make patterns
Without removing pins, put the cut back on the fabric and circle again.

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