Paper model of the Vickers Medium Mk.I

Paper model of the tank Vickers Medium Mark I(translated from English Vickers, medium, model I, also referred to as Tank Medium Mark I, Medium Mark I, Medium Mk.I or simply Mk .I) - British medium tank of the 1920s. Created in 1922 - 1923 by the company "Vikkers".

Materials and tools:

  1. scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler
  2. tweezers;
  3. glue brushes and paint;
  4. watercolors (or pencils), toothpicks;
  5. clear acrylic glue ("Moment", etc.);
  6. to print the model matte photo paper with a density of 170-180 g / m2; for small parts - 70-80 g / m2.

Build Tips:

  1. Before you assemble the part, read the drawings and instructions. Determine the place of each part and imagine its assembly;
  2. Make holes in details before cutting out the part;
  3. Cut only the part (s) you need right now. Unpacked items in a box, and unused sheets in a closed folder (as an option). Throwing out trash after work, carefully inspect the scrap paper;
  4. To better fold the part, it is necessary to hold the ruler along the fold line, pressing lightly with the blunt side of the knife or a toothpick so as not to damage the paper surface. Better to do it from the wrong side of the part;
  5. Keep your fingers clean and be sure to use wipes to wipe your hands, because hands may get dirty in the process;
  6. wind up cylindrical parts before gluing onto a round object of a suitable diameter, this will give them shape;
  7. Before gluing it is necessary to paint the ends of the part. White crop lines spoil the overall look of the model. To paint the ends, use watercolors or gouache paints. After selecting the desired color, apply them in a thin layer, then allow the paint to dry. About markers better to forget;
  8. Take your time with gluing. First, cut out the part, paint it from the end, wait for the paint to dry, assemble the part. Attach it to the place where it should be to make sure everything is done correctly. And only then stick. Do not forget to let the glue dry.

A bit of history

English Medium Tank Vickers Medium Mk.I

Created in 1922 &1923bythecompany«Vickers».It was originally considered a light tank, but later, with the advent of lighter cars in this category, was reclassified to medium. The first British serial tank with the deployment of weapons in a tower of circular rotation.

The Mk.I was mass-produced from 1923 to 1925, after which it was replaced on assembly lines by the Medium Mark II tank developed on its basis. The exact number of cars produced is unknown, however, according to the available data, a total of 168 tanks of the Mk.I and Mk.II type were produced, most of which were Mk.II. Thus, it can be assumed that the number of Mk.I tanks produced is a few dozen units (probably about 50). Mk.I tanks were in service with the Royal British Tank Forces of Great Britain since 1924. The last tanks of this type were removed from service in Great Britain in 1938.


Medium Mark I — basic modification.

Medium Mark IA —improvedmodification,withslightlyincreasedarmorthickness(upto8mminverticalparts)andanumberofothersmallchanges(slightlymodifiedformofthedriver’shood,aftofthetower,etc.). 

Medium Mark IA * — modification with the replacement of two turret machine guns with one machine-gun "Vickers" paired with a gun, as well as a new swiveling commander's turret (called the episcopal miter in the army ").

Medium Mark I CS and Medium Mark IA CS —"directinfantrysupporttank»withthereplacementofthe47-mmgunwitha95-mmtankhowitzer,basedontheMarkIandMarkIAtanks,respectively.LightMarkISpecial(L)India— option for use in India, with the armament of the turret only four machine guns "la Gochkiss". Unlike other modifications, it was not reclassified into a medium tank.

Medium Mark I Wheel-and-Track — an experienced wheeled-tracked tank, developed in 1926 to increase the mobility of troops. To ensure the wheel travel, the tank was supplied with two pairs of large wheels in the front and aft parts of the tank. The transition from caterpillar to wheel travel was carried out by raising the tank on the jacks and lowering the wheels below the track level. Front wheelset was manageable. Also, the car was equipped with a slightly modified driver's hood. Similarly, one tank Mk.I was redone and tested, but after unsatisfactory tests it was again converted into a linear one.

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