Photo Frames


The Japanese panel

Japanese panel "Harmony"

I have never been a fan of Japanese culture. However, I was always struck by the beauty of the work of ancient Japanese artists. Thanks to their works, I decided to create this self-made.
Photo Frame Decor for a Furry Pet

Photo Frame Decor for a Furry Pet

A cat is the most beloved pet of a person. This is a graceful, affectionate animal. A pet is a real psychotherapist because a few minutes spent with a cat can be enough to distract, relax and
Photo frame in decoupage technique

Decoupage Photo Frame

Gifts made with love, with your own hands - it is always unique, interesting, unusual. In addition, it is not at all expensive. But if holidays are coming up - New Year or March 8 - then many presents are needed, and this is a big blow to the financial

Denim Picture Frame

Each family has its own photo archive. A large supply of “most memorable moments” will never run out, moreover, it will be rapidly replenished with new and new photos. Therefore, such a souvenir will be useful as it is absolutely useful in any home.
Soft Frame

Soft frame

Reading master classes, you have to face such a problem as the lack of the necessary material. But after all, handicraft means creativity, so make your crafts from what is on hand, replacing expensive materials. In this master class, I
Frame for a photo in the New Year's style

New Year’s Photo Frame

New Year's holidays will pass, and the question will mature: where to put the pictures taken during the festivities? To make the photos look harmonious, you can make a frame and decorate it thematically.
Photo frame from old buttons

Old buttons photo frame

Everyone at home probably has a lot of old buttons, and it is in this article we will tell why. For the manufacture of the frame itself, we need: • Cardboard or very thick paper; • Glue (preferably a moment); • Pencil; • Ruler. For
The frame for the photo from fabric and seashells

Fabric and seashell photo frame

You hardly know a person who does not like the sea. And it does not matter, it is the one who regularly goes to the resorts, visited there at least once in his life or only dreams of warm waves and golden sand under his feet. What is brought home from the sea? Souvenirs,
Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Having thought to make a frame for photos with your own hands, you can think about the questions "Is it worth it to do it and waste time? Why not buy, because they are just a lot ?!". But you just have to think about where the desire to make a frame came from and
Panel of the cards with the effect of 3D
22 844

Postcard from postcards with the effect of 3D

The panel is used in the interior to fill the walls. There are several types: carved, wooden, artistic, on the sea theme and others. Most often they make a panel with flowers that organically fits into the decor of the room.
Original photo frame
11 107

Original photo frame

After the repair, there always remain small scraps of plastic panels. They lie idle and litter the room. It is possible to give them a second life - in the form of beautiful and absolutely exclusive frames for photos.
Photo frame
101 951

Photo Frame

Required: - Thick cardboard - Cutter and scissors - Wallpaper - Magazine (Glamor or Oops) - Glue (preferably “Master”), ruler, pencil (marker), thin adhesive tape - Free time.
16 900

Golden frame decor

The photo frame is a wonderful gift, especially if it is made with your own hands. After all, this is no longer anyone. Every time, looking at her, the person will remember you. You can do a few things like this every time you don’t
Original photo frame

Original photo frame

Beautiful frame of unusual shape - the original interior decoration. It will look good on the mantelpiece in the living room or serve as a small pleasant souvenir for family and friends. The manufacturing process does not take much time for
Sea-shell souvenirs

Seashell Souvenirs

Have you ever been to the sea at least once in your life? And souvenirs from seashells bought? And let's try to make sea souvenirs ourselves? For the work we need - sea multi-colored pebbles, shells or their fragments, admit it - after all you are all
Photo Frame 18 18

Photo Frame

Sometimes you want to please a loved one, but to come up with something original is not always easy. So I faced such a problem. And after much thought, I decided to perform the application in a beautiful frame.

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