Computer Pillow

With prolonged use of the computer, not only your fingers get tired, but also your wrists and your hands in general. In the worst cases, tunnel syndrome may occur, characterized by pain in the wrists and numbness of the fingers. This is due to local squeezing of the nerve that passes between the carpal bones and tendons. To protect yourself from pain in the wrist joint, you need to use a special pillow when working on a computer. It is suitable for work on a laptop and for a stationary computer with a keyboard. 1. The medical pillow can be sewn with your own hands. For example, a cushioned pillow with a voluminous applique in the form of a sleeping cat on the front.  Sew a medical pillow with your own hands
2. For this you will need: cloth, padding, scissors, needles, ruler, pencil, thread, paper napkins.
 This will require
fabric is better to choose a dense that the filler does not get out of the bags, as well as durable because the product will be used extensively. The filler is suitable padding polyester, or other sintepuh fluffy filler. If planned to wash the pillow in need of this washing machine to take care in advance. The fabric and filling must withstand washing, sewing is not painted. to determine the size of the pillow, and therefore the size of the cut fabric, you need to measure the length of a laptop or a keyboard, and add n about several centimeters on each side. The width of the cushion can be chosen arbitrary, but not less than two thirds of the distance from the wrist to the elbow. 3. In this case the required 2 tissue rectangular segment 52h29 cm and a length of arbitrary size for applications volumetric cat. You can use unnecessary sweater or jacket, cut off from their bottom and one arm measure off the desired length of fabric for the base cushion and draw a pencil line cut
We measure the necessary piece of weaving and
4. We fasten the fabric with needles and cut along the drawn line. We fasten the fabric with needles 5. Pencil draw on paper napkins sketch of a cat. You can use several napkins, then combine them.
 cat sketch
6. We take a piece of fabric for the application and pin the napkins to it. The needles should be inside the picture.
 we pin napkins to him
7. Cut out the cat on the contour. Needles do not remove.
 Cut the cat along the contour
8. We take the thread in the color of the fabric and sew the lines of the pencil drawing manually.
 sew the lines of the pencil drawing
9. Remove the cloth from the cloth. We take colored threads and sew the contours of the eyes, nose and face so that they become brighter and stand out against the general background.
 sew the contours of the eyes of the nose
10 . Pinning with needles the cat's blank to the front side of the future cushion.We take a thread of any color and approached the cat's blank to the pillow.
 we take the work of the cat
11. Then, on the sewing machine, we sew the cat's blank along the contour with contrasting threads, leaving a small hole for filling with filler. It is better to use a zigzag stitch. We take out the thread of a hint.
 sew the cat blank
12. Fill the application cat prepared filler. We do this not tightly, only to make the volume.  Filling the application 13. We sew a hole on the appliqués of a cat on a sewing machine. Then sew zigzag stitching the tail and paws with a seam.  Sew a hole 14. Sew the pillow on the contour, leaving a hole for the filler. Fill the pillow with filler, distribute it evenly. The pillow should keep its shape, but not be tightly packed. Do not be afraid of the fact that it is higher than the keyboard or laptop, with time when using the filler will settle down and come. So, the pillow is ready. Do not forget to shake the product regularly to distribute the filler.
 Sew a medical pillow with your own hands

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