Plus-size model showed which print should not be cakes

Ashley Graham tried on a bad outfit.

One of the world's most famous plus-size models is a source of inspiration for thousands of fashionistas. Ashley shows by her example how to look stylish, even if your clothing size is more than 50th.

Of course, sometimes she tries too hard to flaunt her bends, choosing either a transparent net or a latex mini for publication, but she always managed to have casual images. Just not this time. A new dress with a fashionable snake print for girls with such a figure is clearly contraindicated.

Ashley graham
Photo: @ashleygraham

Animal print visually made the model even thicker. It seems that Graham has forgotten the main fashionable rule for donuts, which she herself also promoted: any “predatory” pattern on the fabric visually fills. It is best to give preference to outfits with a color block pattern or a geometric pattern.

The ruffles on the skirt also added Ashley a few extra pounds.Well, too deep neckline clearly requires at least some kind of underwear.

By the way, not so long ago the “predatory” print (albeit, this time the leopard print) was tried on by Tess Holliday, the largest model in the world. And also missed. Still, no matter how fashionable the “animal” patterns on the fabric are, it is worth being very careful with them. And this applies to girls absolutely any complexion. Slender stars, too, for the most part do not know how to wear outfits of similar colors - their trendy dips can be found here.

Well, and Ashley Graham, it seems, is worth remembering what clothes she wore before. After all, it was not for nothing that the model became almost the idol of every woman with magnificent forms ... Once the girl managed not only to prove that you can be in the body and remain sexy, but also change the world standards about beauty. In addition, Ashley was the first plus-size model to receive an invitation to Fashion Week. We have collected in the same gallery a variety of her images.

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