Poppies \ Decoration for a glass of candy

Materials and tools:

  1. Candy in a black round-shaped candy wrapper - 4 pcs.
  2. Polyfoam.
  3. Corrugated paper is red, black, green.
  4. Stationery (PVA glue, Crystal Moment glue, scissors \ knife, pencil, etc.)
  5. Garden wire.
  6. Black paint and sponge
  7. Decorative materials (beads, fabrics, ribbons)
  8. Little candies in a candy wrapper.

Step 1

Cut a circle from the foam, to the size of the top of the glasses.

Cut the groove on the foam plastic, slightly less the upper part of the glass.

It turned out such a cap.

Step 2

Paste the foamy circle with green corrugated paper all around the circumference.

Step 3

Twist the wire in half for density and cut to the desired size.

Step 4

Cut out three squares of 7cm from black corrugated paper. x 7cm.

From green paper 2 strips 4cm.x 14 cm; One strip of the entire width of the paper size of 8 cm .; 5 strips of 1 cm.

Of the 15 red paper 7cm squares. x 7cm; 1 strip 4cm. x 14 cm; 1 strip of 10cm x 10cm.

To prepare stencils of petal and leaves.

Step 5

Attach all candies to the stem wire using adhesive tape.

Of the red paper 15 squares 7cm. x 7cm make a bow like in the photo, put a candy in it on the wire, round it, giving it the shape of a bud and fasten it with a thread around the wire stem.

Step 6

1 strip of 10cm x 10cm. fold as in the photo and round off the edge. Crush and spread as in the photo.

Trim the paper roll into a ball.

Put the ball in the center of the crumpled square and twist like candy.


Step 7


2 strips 4cm. x 14cm. twist in a bow and put it down as in the photo. Put them in a bud with a candy inside and a bud of paper, as in the photo.

A paper bud gives the impression of a blooming flower.

Step 8

Two green stripes of 1 cm, twist the wire.Use glue in places.


Step 9

Cut the black squares fringed to the center.

Wrap them candy on the wire.

Step 10

Using a pattern, cut 15 petals.

Dampen a sponge in black gouache and blot the petals as in the photo.

Spread the petals in the center.

Step 11

Collect the flower. Each flower has 5 petals.

Step 12

The widest strip folded in four. Using the template to cut the leaves.

Each sheet crumple as in the photo.

Step 13

Wrap the wire stem with a green stripe under the leaves.

Step 14

Make a hole in the foam cover.

Insert all the flowers and buds into the holes.

Step 15

Bend all tips protruding from the back of the lid. You can glue green paper so that they are not visible at all.

The flowers themselves can also be bent, placing them beautifully on the cover.

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