Portrait of buttons

Such a mood happens when standing in front of a shop window, you understand: figurines and glasses do not bring the joy you want to deliver a memorable gift. Once, a eureka instilled in me the confidence to make an unusual portrait of a hero of the day with my own hands. I was inspired by the work of Lisa Kokin, who makes delightful paintings from buttons. This goodness is accumulated in hundreds in every family.
How to start? First of all, prepare a sheet of cardboard and a piece of white cloth. You will also need glue and tweezers. Now open a photo on the computer, the person whose portrait you are going to take. Attach the cloth to the monitor and trace the translucent outlines with a pencil. It's very simple, that's the templar. It remains to fill it as a mosaic. Put the cardboard down so that the impregnation of matter with glue does not stain the table.
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With pleasure, divide the buttons by color, choosing especially bright for the hair, eyes and lips.Buttons of a yellow shade are suitable for filling the face with anatomical reality. Unusual forms of copies will be useful instead of surreal strokes, like curls in the hair.
Imadeeyebrowsfromshatteredpiecesofalargebutton.Todistinguishthedepthoftheeyesaregoodinconspicuouswhitebuttons.Turneachofthemuntilyounoticeajoyfulresemblancetotheoriginal.Keepinmindthattheimpressionofthepicturewillchangefromadistance:thefarther,themoreharmoniousthedetailswillappear.Puttheedgesofthebuttonsoneachother(likescales),changethereliefofthepicture,theplayofcolors,thecontinuousbordersoftones.You will enjoy the application. The hair on the portrait will start to curl, the lips will come to life, the “eyes enchantment” will flash.

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