Postcard Tunnel 3D

Congratulations on holidays is not just a tradition, but a manifestation of love and attention to our loved ones and relatives. In order for the child to feel how pleasant it is to please others, he must be pushed to do something not for himself, but for those who are near, to teach him to please others and to enjoy it himself. When children leave the parental home, we We are waiting for their attention. But, if when the child was small, we did not teach him to give small signs of attention to the grandfather and grandmother, sign postcards and congratulate them on holidays, then you should not wait for this from our children for yourself. Therefore, making grandparents happy and caring for them, we are building our future. This must be remembered. And expensive gifts are not necessary at all. With some trepidation grandmother keeps pictures and cards made for her beloved grandson or granddaughter! So we will please those who are so waiting for our attention. The holidays of Christmas and New Year are approaching: it's time to make cards with your child, then give them to relatives. If you want to develop your baby and instill aesthetic taste in him,Look at the different postcard making techniques. It looks interesting postcard tunnel. To make such a craft is easy. To begin with, we decide on the plot of the postcard. This could be a New Year card on which snowflakes or asterisks will simply spin. You can create a panoramic postcard on which to reflect a plot. You can also use photos for the postcard, creating a kind of three-dimensional collage. All parts are cut. Then sheets with slots of a tunnel are prepared. The shape of the tunnel can be any: round, square, intricate. Cutting out the middle, we do not forget to leave small “pins” on each sheet, to which our figures will then be attached.
 we cut out figures
sheets with tunnel slots
attach our figures
The last page should be solid. For the side we fold a sheet of paper with an accordion. The height of the fold - about 1.5 centimeters. The number of accordions is determined by the number of inner sheets, where the figures are located, which will be at different distances, creating the effect of volume.The height of the accordion is the height of the sheet in which you make the slot
The postcard is assembled in the following sequence. First, figures are stuck on the “pins” of the inner sheets. Then the inner sheets are glued to the harmonica. The last step will be gluing the first and last sheet. If the child wants to sign the card, you can do it on the last sheet in the back before it is pasted.
3d card
 tunnel card
 side view

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