Postcard with quilling elements

Postcards can be given as the closest friends and relatives, and colleagues. It is especially nice to give a hand-made postcard. A nice postcard with a cat and a bouquet of flowers will be an appropriate gift to almost any holiday, starting from birthday and finishing with housewarming. First you need to prepare everything you need: - colored pencils- sheet of paper; - scissors; - scissors, figured, - eraser - a simple pencil paper for quilling - scotch bilateral, br>is a papermaking tool; - double-sided scrapbooking paper; - glue stick.
 pencils b clay glue
Now you can start drawing: 1. Sheet paper for scrapbooking gently bend in half;
 sheet of paper
2. With a simple pencil, draw a sitting cat and a vase with flowers on one half of a sheet of paper;
 draw a cat
3.Use the eraser to erase the pencil lines and color both drawings with colored pencils;
 decorate the cat
4. Cut the cat and the vase with scissors;
 cut drawn
5. Using a paper-twisting tool, make several quilling elements, fixing each of them with glue;
 twist the quilling elements
6. Clay promazhete place in one of the drawings, where the flowers should be placed. Glue to this place the elements of quilling. If there are not enough elements, make a few more pieces;
 paste curls
7. Turn the two pictures over with the other side and stick a piece of double-sided tape on them. After that, paste both pictures onto the front side of the postcard;
 wait until it dries up
8. Mark the congratulatory inscription on the remaining half of a white sheet of paper with a simple pencil; 9. Erase the pencil lines and color the letters with colored pencils. Make the background yellow;
10. Cut the inscription with scissors;
11. Turn the inscription over and put a few pieces of double-sided tape on its back side; 12. Glue the label over the cat and the bouquet;
13. From the rest of the paper, cut out a small rectangle using figured scissors;  glue on double-sided tape
14. Use double-sided tape to glue a rectangle inside the postcard. You can write wishes on it.
 card with quilling elements
Now the original card with quilling elements is ready! It will be a great gift for almost any holiday.You just have to write good wishes inside it.

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