Poster for March 8 - hands-on for kindergarten and school - turn-based video and photo master-classes - Stengazet by March 8 for teachers and co-workers

Beautiful design of the school and kindergarten is not without fun posters and wall newspapers. They allow you to beautifully congratulate all students of girls, teachers and their colleagues on the upcoming holiday. There are quite a few ideas for decorating posters or wall newspapers: from painting with flowers to the image of a cat. Additionally, a poster on March 8 can step by step decorate the surround decor, photos of congratulated women or girls. In the proposed video master classes, you can find excellent examples of making original posters. Using prompts, any wall newspaper on March 8 will be made by hand and quickly and simply.

Poster on March 8 do it yourself

Cool poster to school on March 8 do-it-yourself - ideas and video workshop

To make a poster on March 8 fully consistent with the theme of the spring holiday, you should decorate it with butterflies and flowers. Volumetric details will look very nice. For example, you can make paper hyacinths, roses or tulips with your own hands and put them in a basket pasted on a poster. It is possible to make a beautiful decor both at lessons at school, and at home.

Ideas for making a cool poster for the holiday on March 8 with their own hands

Multi-colored letters and numbers will look original on the poster being made. They can be cut from colored paper and glued with glitter. Perfect for decorating a poster and such elements:

  • figured bright stickers;
  • ribbons and bows;
  • bright stickers;
  • printed poems and wishes.

Poster on March 8 do it yourself

By correctly placing all the elements, you can avoid excessive brightness and flashiness of the poster. And then he will definitely like both girls and teachers.

Video workshop on making a poster for March 8 at school

A beautiful background is an important part of any poster. Therefore, choosing the optimal colors for coloring the poster, you need to take into account the color of the other elements that will be used to decorate it.To learn how to make a stylish and original poster in honor of March 8 step by step, see the following video workshop:

How to make a beautiful poster for the holiday of March 8 in kindergarten with your own hands?

Poster on March 8 do it yourself

To children it is much more interesting to make posters which include volumetric elements. Especially they will like to make such decor in the kindergarten with their own hands. The background of the poster can be painted with felt-tip pens, pencils. You can also stylize the number “8” with butterflies or flowers. A similar idea will appeal to the kids and the younger, and the older group.

Step-by-step video master-class on making a beautiful poster by March 8 in kindergarten

A beautiful poster on March 8 from the kids does not have to be complicated. On how to make a simple and cool poster in honor of the women's day can be found in the following video:

Original wall newspaper for the kindergarten on March 8 with their own hands - step by step video master-class

Poster on March 8 do it yourself

The image of animals is one of the favorite tasks of many kids. Therefore, crumbs in kindergarten should be entrusted to make their own hands a beautiful background for the wall newspaper. On it you can portray a pretty cat.And in order to make a full-fledged congratulatory poster from a simple poster, it is necessary to paste printed verses and prose about the holiday on March 8 to him.

Step-by-step master-class on making wall newspapers for the kindergarten in honor of March 8 with their own hands

The bright and original wall newspaper on March 8 with a cat-shaped background is perfect for kids. Using the attached video as a hint, you can create an unusual greeting poster with a group of kids.

Bright wall newspaper for the school for the holiday of March 8 with their own hands - a master class for teachers

Poster on March 8 do it yourself

Many teachers like the opportunity to congratulate colleagues and students of the school by creating wall newspapers. At the same time, they set an excellent example for children, showing how they can make paper decor for themselves in no time at all. But that the finished wall newspaper on March 8 was really original, you need to take care of creating the right background, the selection of congratulations. For example, you can paint a paper drawing paper with pastel colors, draw tulips as a lower frame. In the upper part should stick a bright number "8". In the proposed workshops, you can make a cool holiday by video and photo.wall newspaper.

Materials to create a bright wall newspaper for March 8 for school

  • whatman;
  • a simple pencil;
  • gouache.

Photo workshop on the design of the wall newspaper at the school for March 8 for teachers

  1. Make flowers: draw them in simple forms.5_1
  2. Draw petals.5_2
  1. Finish the image of the petals on all colors, noting the places where the shadow falls 5..5
  1. Draw stalks and leaves. Wipe auxiliary lines.5_4

It is better to paint tulips with gouache: it will give volume and brightness to flowers. But a beautiful tsiferku for wall newspapers can be done at the following master class. Also it is recommended to attach congratulations, photos of teachers and pupils to the poster.

Both in school and in the kindergarten, the decoration of rooms, rooms and corridors of buildings for the holiday of March 8 is usually carried out using colorful posters or wall newspapers. Kids and schoolchildren or teachers themselves can make them with their own hands. Children with such posters will be able to beautifully congratulate all women teachers on the holiday. And the teachers themselves, with the help of a cool decor, will express respect and wish all the best to their colleagues. Using these video master classes, you can make a poster on March 8 with unusual ornaments. But the original wall newspaper on March 8 can be made by photo step by step.The above examples and ideas are perfect for use by both children and adults.

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